Ethnik FX

... by ThaLoops features rare stringed instrument licks, bends and other one-shot samples recorded and designed wit...

Price $11.06 USD

£8.33 GBP

Arabian Vibez

    ... by Smemo Sounds is a collection of Moroccan sounds designed to boost your productions....

    Price $7.69 USD

    £5.79 GBP

    Ethnic Voices Bundle

    ... by ThaLoops includes three of their highly acclaimed vocal sample packs in one. Get unique ethnic vocal samples...

    Price $20.47 USD

    £15.42 GBP

    Ethnic Voices 3

    ... is an inspiring collection which showcases the traditional Baltic resonator singing technique. This pack is des...

    Price $14.33 USD

    £10.79 GBP

    Ethnik Stringz

    ... contains a multitude of melodies, hooks, riffs and licks played by instruments straight from the ethnic music w...

    Price $13.26 USD

    £9.99 GBP

    Ethnic Voices 2

    ... features over 220 WAV vocal samples chopped out of authentic traditional Russian female singing sessions, plus...

    Price $13.26 USD

    £9.99 GBP

    Danjarous Percussion

    ... allows you to create your own Hip Hop percussion rhythms. This pack contains over 430 ethnic percussion samples...

    Price $13.26 USD

    £9.99 GBP

    Danjarous Drums 1

    'Danjarous Drums' is a series of unique drum samples in the style of Danjahandz, Timbaland and The Neptunes....

    Price $13.26 USD

    £9.99 GBP

    99 Hip Hop Claps

    ... is a pack made by sound designers of the famous clap samples used in chart hits including Rihanna's 'Fading', B...

    Price $13.26 USD

    £9.99 GBP

    Unamplified Chopz

    ... contains over 600 one-shot acoustic guitar samples, chops, riffs, licks and rich chords of an unbeatable perfor...

    Price $13.26 USD

    £9.99 GBP

    Timbo Hip Hop Drumz

    ... is a collection of Timbaland style Hip Hop drum samples. This is an extraordinary drum sound collection that wi...

    Price $13.26 USD

    £9.99 GBP

    Ethnic Voices 1

    ... includes over 330 WAV vocal samples chopped out of authentic traditional Russian female singing sessions. The s...

    Price $13.26 USD

    £9.99 GBP

    Trap Beats XL

    ‘Trap Beats XL′ is an all-original drum loop library inspired by the musical productions of Lex Lugar, Gucci Ma...

    Price $20.96 USD

    £15.79 GBP

    Club Anthems Dance Loops

    ... infuses your productions with the unmistakeable sound of Summer Dance festivals, featuring 10 Construction Kits...

    Price $24.28 USD

    £18.29 GBP

    Gifted MC XXL

      ... is the first of Looptroniks new line of Construction Kits that is truly worth investing in. The new "XXL" line...

      Price $17.90 USD

      £13.48 GBP

      Symphonic Impact 2

      • 65% off

      The Symphonic series by Bunker 8 Digital Labs has become the "go-to" collection for film composers, video game trac...

      Was $28.77 USD

      Price $10.06 USD

      £7.58 GBP

      Super Snappy Snares HD

      ... is a library of nothing but super, snappy, wide snares. Any beatmaker would step up their game by using these i...

      Price $14.33 USD

      £10.79 GBP

      Ultra Massive Dance Drums

      ... is a huge, hand-crafted drum kit pack with a deep sound styled specifically for Dance, House, Trance, Electroni...

      Price $15.44 USD

      £11.63 GBP

      Hip Hop Orchestral Loops

      ... is a fully-loaded Construction Kit set with nine separate kits filled with drum, synth, and instrument loops th...

      Price $27.60 USD

      £20.79 GBP