'Wood and Iron: Production Hits' provides you with a unique array of over 1,000 wood and metal based one shots and audio textures.

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... was produced for Producer Loops by sound designer and producer, Jeff Rhodes. After spinning off ...

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... from Industrial Strength Samples unleashes another dark collection of sounds from the sonic vaul...

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... from Soundspice has over 300 MB of groovy metallic hits, smacks, bumps, and cracks. With tempos ...

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Fan of Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and Megan Fox? Well, we're not gonna deny Megan couldn't make it, ho...

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Bunker 8 has invited Fugazi Plastik, world renowned death metal guitarrist into the mix. Fugazi move...

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... from Bunker 8 Digital Labs includes 64 pumping raw multi-track Construction Kits of dark, heavy,...

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... from Perimeter Sound Arts features 238 new patches for the Zebra V2.7 VSTi. If you are looking f...

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... loops and samples from producer Peter Smith combines Industrial components with heavy glitched b...

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... from Soundspice features over 300 MB of groovy metallic hits, smacks, bumps, and cracks. Spice u...

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Bunker 8 Digital Labs once again returns to places that most fear to tread with 'Hybridizer 3'. Thou...

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Not unlike the distant raging child of some preborn dreadnought of rage, the beast has spawned once ...

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Forged in the angry alcoves of dark clubs, rubble-strewn roadways and the furthest reaches of poor, ...

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