Moombahton Anthems

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... from Producer Loops is an eye-watering collection of in-your-face Moombah Construction Kits with an EDM & Dubst...

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Big EDM: Snakes & Lazers

    ... has all the essentials elements for you to create Major Lazer and DJ Snake inspired tracks with ease. The resul...

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    £12.42 GBP

    EDM Moombahton

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    ... from Big EDM proudly presents this pack inspired by the very famous Jack U duo Diplo and Skrillex who are rocki...

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    Moombahton Sounds

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    ... is a pilot pack from the recently launched Angry Parrot label. In this big product, inspired by artists such as...

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    Moombahton Bundle

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    ... is a hot collection of Moombahton Kits, drums, melodies, MIDI, FX, vocals and more presented by Puma Loops....

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    Tropical & Moombahton Bundle

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    ... by Audio Masters delivers a huge collection of sounds, ready to be used within your next summer hits. Designed...

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    Ultra Moombahton Vocals

      ... is an original vocal rasta pack. It brings you catchy, original, dirty and powerful vocal loops. If you need to...

      $18.37 USD

      £13.29 GBP

      Moombahton 2

      • 50% off

      ... presents the newest pack from their Puma Loops collection with the second series of sounds which are innovative...

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      £6.25 GBP

      Puma Loops: Moombahton

      • 50% off

      ... is a new collection to create something fresh in Moombahton style, presented by Puma Loops....

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      Future Electro Moombahton

      • 40% off

      ... by Audio Masters delivers this premium quality collection of Construction Kits, Loops & MIDI data. Developed fo...

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      MAJ Lazer: Serum & Massive

      • 50% off

      ... is a groundbreaking sound bank packed with authentic sounds inspired by Major Lazer, Jack U and Diplo....

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      Sergeant Lazer

        ... from the TD Audio sound team is a sizzling hot sound pack for modern electronic production. The influences in t...

        $28.74 USD

        £20.79 GBP

        Light Up The Lazer

          ... is a hot new product from Fox Samples which includes five full Construction Kits styled after the superstar gro...

          $40.26 USD

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          Summer Moombahton Vol 3

          • 50% off

          ... from Maverick Samples includes five Construction Kits containing everything you need to build hot Summer hits,...

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          £5.40 GBP