Producer Loops & WA Production team up to offer this incredible Bundle featuring 3 composition plugi...

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It's never been easier to craft your own unique sound thanks to Studio's renowned, sample-focused wo...

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Freeze segments of audio in real-time for expressive manipulation during performance and generate an...

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Retronaut is a multi-voice vibrato and chorus with LoFi effects. It is inspired by old analogue gear...

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Expand the capabilities of Loopmix with this new pack to make your next loops even more unique. A Do...

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NEON - Acid Jazz & Neo Soul Chord Progressions. Are you ready to infuse your tracks with the mesmeri...

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Quality Under the hood, Usynth is a very complex synthesizer. Each instance consists of 2 individ...

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Freshly chopped vocals and industry leading vocal kits, ranging from catchy hooks and phrases to gro...

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Ergonomy means efficiency. Most (even great sounding) guitar software products on the market suffer...

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Although it looks easy, mixing acoustic guitar, ukulele or mandolin is a very hard job. So many thin...

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'Bassment' from United Plugins includes dedicated controls for low, mid and high bass frequencies, a...

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When reverb and delay just isn't enough then reach for Venom. This powerful spectral processing plug...

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MultiBender allows you to use 3 delay units simultaneously; each with its own frequency band and cus...

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HEAT - the original twin distortion powerhouse - is back with a stunning update. This face-melting p...

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W.A Production designed their Vocal Limiter to be the last plugin in your premaster vocal processing...

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'Orchid' is a Chorus Plugin on steroids! Taking inspiration from 1980's processing , Orchid fattens...

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VINAI bring their production talents to software, with this versatile multi-band compressor plugin p...

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Kenneth Osberg Nilsen, known professionally as K-391, is the Norwegian music producer who collaborat...

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Pumper 3 retains the stellar performance parameters of the original two incarnations whilst adding n...

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'InstaScale' is a newly invented scale-oriented instrument, with only 16 keys to play. But is that e...

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Place 'CHORDS PRO' on your instrument track to generate 8 looped chord options with full control ove...

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'CHORDS PRO + NOTES' is 'CHORDS PRO' but with the addition of an extremely powerful and innovative A...

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Most digital synths offer pristine digital quality and precisely-tuned sounds. 'Imperfect' aims to b...

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'Babylon' is a Synth Plugin which shows all major controls on a single page. Includes 2,300 presets...

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Mastering is the final step before your track is released. It's not only designed to make your signa...

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'Synthwave Drums V2' is a Virtual Instrument Drum Machine from Beatskillz including 1300+ drum sound...

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Mirror is a reverse negative delay Plugin, which means the reverse effect is heard before the origin...

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