'Chillout Guitars Vol 1' brings you a versatile selection of ambient, blissed out guitar phrases including arpeggio...

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... is a collection of 16 ACIDized.wav files and MIDI Kits with a bonus folder of alternate takes and remix beats. ...

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... completes this long-running series from Producer Loops, bringing you over 800 MB of glitched, warped and totall...

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... comes straight from hyperspace, bringing you one of the brightest and shiniest collections of Future Bass sampl...

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'Timbo Hip Hop Loops 2' features 10 multi-track Urban Construction Kits made by the main producer at ThaLoops wi...

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... exhibits the full range of the progressive electronic sound, from tasteful layers and funky rollers to brooding...

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'Mad Chemist' pushes the sonic limits to madness in a collection of samples and construction style loops for EDM, Dubstep and Hip Hop beat making.

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... is a collection of drum loops with full potential to make the beats with smooth urban groove. Included are drum...

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... by Dirty Production is another wild Trap library loaded with 10 Construction Kits made for all Urban/EDM produc...

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... is a collection of Construction Kits made by the main ThaLoops producer with experience of designing the samples used by Timbaland himself.

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'Massive EDM Drops Vol 2' reignites this series of dancefloor-shaking songstarters from Pure EDM, bursting out o...

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... from Soundspice features 308 MB of pure rhythmic clanking goodness. From the anvil to your tracks, custom tempe...

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... marks the triumphant return of this genre-traversing series of emotive, ethereal, and truly ground-breaking sam...

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... is the definitive analogue acid odyssey, featuring the legendary TB-303 Bassline synthesizer and its many incar...

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... from Producer Loops continues this best-selling series which blends the best elements of Commercial Trance and ...

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