... by Producer Loops was inspired by Francis Ford Coppola's film 'The Godfather', directed by Francis Ford Coppola...

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Price $30.55 USD

£22.46 GBP

Zodiac Series: Cancer

'Cancer' by Kryptic Samples is the eighth release of this ingenious and imaginative sample collection takes you for...

Was $20.33 USD

Price $10.17 USD

£7.48 GBP

Zodiac Series: Aries

'Aries' by Kryptic Samples is the seventh release of this ingenious and imaginative sample collection painting a fr...

Was $20.33 USD

Price $10.17 USD

£7.48 GBP



... by Producer Loops is a sample collection inspired by Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel, an American mobster who was a dri...

Was $29.85 USD

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£16.46 GBP

Happy Trap

... is a delightfully offbeat Trap pack loaded with five Construction Kits full of joyful vocals, happy melodies an...

Was $40.73 USD

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£22.46 GBP

The Hill

... was composed by Theelen/Franklin and it features powerful build of cinematic soundtrack loops expertly composed...

Was $29.85 USD

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£16.46 GBP

Osaka Beats

... is inspired by genre greats like Initial D and includes Japanese narration within the pack. ... features a coll...

Was $27.13 USD

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£14.96 GBP

8-bit Trap

'8-Bit Trap' was designed to provide Trap producers and computer game composers with an out-of-the-box collection...

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£7.46 GBP

Bayou: A Tale from the Swamp

'Bayou: Tale from the Swamp' is quite possibly the most original Sample Pack of 2021. The music and professional vo...

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£11.21 GBP

Trap Game

... is an eye-popping Trap & Urban sample collection filled to the brim with new-fashioned sounds designed by Krypt...

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Price $10.17 USD

£7.48 GBP

Lo-Fi Sound Fx

    Asset is back with another cinematic sample collection. This time up we decided to make a full on Lo-Fi Sound effec...

    Price $22.62 USD

    £16.63 GBP


      We are so Psyched to present Scapes, a collection that is broken down into a focused mood or element and which allo...

      Price $11.27 USD

      £8.29 GBP


        The Asset crew is back with another set of cinematic audio for films trailers and music. This pack focuses on Triba...

        Price $12.42 USD

        £9.13 GBP


          We are back with another new concept following in the footsteps of the ISR Loop Kit. We created a simple to use Cin...

          Price $11.27 USD

          £8.29 GBP

          War Artists For Love

            True Samples presents: WAR ARTISTS FOR LOVE! a pack which will suit absolutely everything that you have in mind, wh...

            Price $11.33 USD

            £8.33 GBP

            Hybrid Cinematic

              Welcome to another essential collection from Industrial strength samples. Get ready to Dive into the Darkness with...

              Price $27.15 USD

              £19.96 GBP

              Farm Game

              • 10% off

              ... includes 1000 SFX – Create cute & cozy farming sound design & atmospheres at light speed with ..., a casual f...

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              £51.75 GBP

              Kids Game

                We are proud to present 'Kids Game' featuring 60 high-quality games SFX. This library contains all the popular cate...

                Price $20.33 USD

                £14.95 GBP

                Trailer Booms

                  “Trailer Booms” is the latest collection from SFXTools' “Production Elements” series; featuring 65 high qua...

                  Price $27.13 USD

                  £19.95 GBP

                  Rock Guitar Grooves 4

                  ... by Luigi Productions features 70 live guitar samples and 15 live Bass samples that will help you start new idea...

                  Was $18.13 USD

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                  £11.33 GBP

                  House Of Isaiah

                  ... by Strategic Audio is a beautiful product with Royalty-Free melody loops and track lines that feature a modern...

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                  £15.62 GBP

                  Fighting Game

                  • 10% off

                  ... by Epic Stock Media is a Complete Sound Effects and Production Sound Solution inspired by hit video games like...

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                  £74.25 GBP