... is an exceptional collection of fully mixed and professionally produced drum stems and kits, using an original ...

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... is the first in a stunning new series of expertly-produced Tech House Construction Kit and Project Template pro...

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... features over 220 WAV vocal samples chopped out of authentic traditional Russian female singing sessions, plus ...

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'Danjarous Percussion' allows you to create your own Hip Hop percussion rhythms. This pack contains over 430 ethnic percussion samples.

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'Danjarous Drums' is a series of unique drum samples in the style of Danjahandz, Timbaland and The Neptunes.

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... is a pack made by sound designers of the famous clap samples used in chart hits including Rihanna's 'Fading', B...

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... contains over 600 one-shot acoustic guitar samples, chops, riffs, licks and rich chords of an unbeatable perfor...

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... is a collection of 20 powerful multi-sample rack instruments created from classic synths from across the decades.

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... is a collection of Timbaland style Hip Hop drum samples. This is an extraordinary drum sound collection that will expand your creativity.

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... is dark, brooding and hard-hitting and an uncompromising take on the underground sound being pushed by the current Grime generation. This is how we roll.

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... from Industrial Strength Samples is back with another inspirational collection of NI Massive synth patches and ...

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... takes inspiration from the original House music scenes of New York, London, New Jersey and Chicago. This pack s...

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... is the highly anticipated second sample pack from Basement Freaks, which is an absolute treasure chest of Royalty-Free funky sounds for music producers.

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'Dub Hop' means the mighty 6Blocc returns with a impressive new Industrial Strength studio production pack. This is...

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... from 5Pin Media and award-winning bass guru Dan Larsson team up to bring you the best booty shaking groovalicious Bassline House workout out this summer.

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... is a journey through deep and melodic Techno to driving percussion based Techno, and is jammed full of flowing ...

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... by Industrial Strength Samples delivers a huge collection of elements for Techno producers in need of inspiring grooves and samples to mash into any track or remix.

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'Foley FX' from Industrial Strength Samples features a large collection of real life sounds, industrial machines, drum shots and nature sounds.

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