Global Tech House Vol 1

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... is the first in a stunning new series of expertly-produced Tech House Construction Kit and Project Template pro...

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RS: Drum Depot

    Resonance Sound proudly presents 'Drum Depot', a massive drum kit arsenal in collaboration with Marco Scherer featu...

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    Lenny Dee: Snare

      'Lenny Dee: Snare' is a collection of boutique analogue snare drums for any style of music. This snare pack is g...

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      Hip Hop Chilla

        ... is an authentic fusion of Classic Hip Hop with modern influences, flavored with some sampled Chill Out and Ambi...

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        Trap Fundamentals

          ... is broody, moody, hazy and heavy, and weighs in with over 1 GB of original content with stacks of club-ready be...

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          Deep Techno Excursions

            'Deep Techno Excursions' is an analogue excursion into the deeper, darker and atmospheric reaches of Techno. Pac...

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            Lenny Dee: Kick

              ... from Industrial Strength's Lenny Dee has put together a tight collection of shots for producers looking for ser...

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              Ethnik Stringz

              'Ethnik Stringz' contains a multitude of melodies, hooks, riffs and licks played by instruments straight from th...

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              They Call It Acid

                ... takes it back to the birthplace of rave culture with this homage to the Acid House revolution. Inspired by the...

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                Pure 909

                  ... is an exceptional collection of fully mixed and professionally produced drum stems and kits, using an original...

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                  Retro Synths For Ableton

                    ... is a collection of 20 powerful multi-sample rack instruments created from classic synths from across the decade...

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                    Grime 2.0

                      ... is dark, brooding and hard-hitting and an uncompromising take on the underground sound being pushed by the curr...

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                      Vocal House: NI Massive

                        ... from Industrial Strength Samples is back with another inspirational collection of NI Massive synth patches and...

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                        House For Heads

                          ... takes inspiration from the original House music scenes of New York, London, New Jersey and Chicago. This pack s...

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