The Hill

... was composed by Theelen/Franklin and it features powerful build of cinematic soundtrack loops expertly composed...

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... from Producer Loops and 'The Sound of Merlin' takes you on a journey through a dreamworld filled with fabulous...

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Infinite Color Vol 2: RC 20 Presets

  • 30% off

'Infinite Color Vol 2' by D-Fused Sounds is the second instalment of this nice series of presets for RC20 Retrocolo...

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Orchestral Scenery

  • 50% off

... by True Samples will help you create stunning sound design for anything, be it an advertisement, a movie, or a...

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Film & TV Series Vol 1: Washington DC

  • 20% off

'Film & TV Series Vol 1 - Washington D.C.' by Anthology kicks off the all-new, exciting 'Film & TV' series. With an...

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100 Essential Pianos

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... by True Samples helps you to become a composer who can easily create a masterpiece of piano music. What we offe...

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Creepy Game

    ... by Epic Stock Media has all the blood-pressure-raising tension, and suspense-filled Sound Effects you could eve...

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    Epic Action Trailer

    • 50% off

    ... by True Samples is a product capable of giving strength, power and incredible experience to any material. You c...

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    Orchestral Space

    • 50% off

    ... by True Samples presents this special product that will help you to create music for any video or game that sui...

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    Orchestral Hip-Hop Loops

    ... by 2Deep Beats contains 10 symphonic masterpieces, created with a wide variety of orchestral instruments, makin...

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    Deep Piano 1

    • 50% off

    ... by True Samples features a set of piano and string loops in WAV and MIDI format....

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    Orchestral One-Shots 3

      ... by Diginoiz is ready to help you a little bit in your creative process. If you are not looking for loops, becau...

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      NanoTrance: Orchestral Trance Vol 4

      • 30% off

      ... by Nano Musik Loops is a five Construction Kits pack based on orchestral strings to give you and epic vibe for...

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