MIDI Piano

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... is a new collection presented by Hall Samples. In this pack you will find piano, pad vox and MIDI which have be...

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The Orchestra

    ... is a revolutionary all-in-one 80 player orchestral library whose heart is this breakthrough ensemble-engine tha...

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    Piano Melodies 1

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    ... by Mango Loops brings you 78 melodies in WAV and MIDI format which can be used in Pop, Rock, Orchestral, Ambien...

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    Studio Keys Sessions

      ... is a superb collection of electric keys and natural pianos recorded directly from the acclaimed Korg SV1 keyboa...

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      ... from Nice The Creative Group features strings of all kinds, anything from violins to cellos, or violas and harp...

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      Dark Orchestra

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      ... is the very latest Orchestral sound library from Prime loops, which will add some serious drama and intrigue to...

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      Violins & Love

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      ... by Loopersound offers you a great selection of lovely violin loops. The pack includes 205 violin loops labelled...

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      String Rhapsody

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      ... from Loopmasters is a multi-layered selection of strings with a rich combination of cellos, violins and violas...

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      Metro Sax

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      ... by Loopersound is a powerful selection of key and tempo labelled 235 sax loops....

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      Symphonic Blue 2

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      There are moments of extreme intensity; then there are the moments of complacent reflection, emotional darkness and...

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      Chris Hein: Solo Cello

        ... is simply one of the best virtual Cello sample libraries ever created. This pack outshines all previous Cello l...

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        Organum Venezia

          ... is a virtual church organ, recorded near Venice, Italy which reflects the characteristics and sound of a typica...

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          The Zim Heroes

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          ... from Fox Samples is the newest release of the Zim series. Over the years, the Zim series has been known to deli...

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          The Zim Orchestra 15

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          ... from Fox Samples is the 15th placement of this best selling Orchestral series. This pack brings over 750 MB of...

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