Vintage Hip Hop Breaks Vol 1

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... is a new series of premium Hip Hop breaks. You can expect 64 drum loops from 80 to 110 BPM with authentic warm...

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Sound Mob

    ... is a gang of incredible samples, riffs, loops, and one-shots combined into one outstanding product. It's perfec...

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    Fret Duo: Guitar & Bass

      ... is a very nice speciality product from MVP Loops consisting of ten Construction Kits featuring live electric, a...

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      Meek Vs Drizzy

        MVP Loops is proud to bring you the sounds from the biggest rap battle in the last decade in a brand new product ca...

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        R&B On Fleek

          ... from MVP Loops features ten incredible multi-track and multi-format Kits that represent many of today's top sel...

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          Soul 4 Real Vocals

            ... is a unique product tailored to give you that soulful sampled sound without the mess of having to clear a sampl...

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            Kung Fu & Crime FX

              ... is an absolutely essential Hip Hop sound FX library featuring Kung Fu chops, slaps, punches, gun shots and all...

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              Classic Hip Hop Drum Kits

                ... is a drum kit library with eight true vinyl 24-Bit drum kits, drum loops and MIDI samples. This pack is perfect...

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                Super Snappy Snares HD

                ... is a library of nothing but super, snappy, wide snares. Any beatmaker would step up their game by using these i...

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                Drumstep Revolt

                  ... skanks all the way to the drop with some seriously slow tempo beat structures fresh from the Prime Loops lab. I...

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                  Dance Invasion

                    ... is here! Can you feel da floor shake? Making a euphoric entrance straight outta Prime Loops' own studio limo an...

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                    Reggaeton Heatwave

                      ... is here - are you ready? This sweltering onslaught of fresh Reggaeton vibes has been simmering to boiling point...

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                      Deadly Dubstep

                        ... has been deployed from Prime Loops' own custom-built "Wubstar" studio. Hidden deep within a distant galaxy, thi...

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                        R&B Diamonds

                          ... is a glistening flash of inspiration that will embed a dazzling dose of smooth groove into your mix, drawing yo...

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                          Electro Synth Sessions

                            ... rolls in with a phat jolt of heavily energised synth loops, fresh from the floor-filling fingertips of Frederik...

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                            Ultimate Trap Producer

                              ... is the definitive Trap sample pack, constructed by Prime Loops' own audio engineers to take on this mixed-breed...

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                              The Sound Of Doctor P

                                ... is the incredible official Doctor P sample pack! You'll find over 372 MB of the most intense synth hooks, abras...

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                                Neon Synths

                                  ... features over 500 MB of the coolest FM synthesis loops and analogue synth hooks. You'll find epic arpeggios, cu...

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