Sold Out: Presets Bundle 2021

    D-Fused Sounds is proud to release "Sold Out:Presets Bundle 2021", a gigantic collection of over 1800 total files i...

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    £25.38 GBP

    Upright Piano YU3

    ... by Kryptic Samples is a piano Reason Refill recorded with Yamaha U3 Upright Piano and split in 28 royalty-free...

    Was $27.54 USD

    Price $13.78 USD

    £10.40 GBP

    Lo-Fi Tronika

      ... by D-Fused Sounds is an eclectic collection of lo-fi sounds for modern producers looking for fresh and inspirat...

      Price $11.82 USD

      £8.92 GBP

      Inspiration for Modular

      • 20% off

      ... by D-Fused Sounds is an eclectic collection of 25 patches for the best modular system recreation by Softube. 'I...

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      £6.76 GBP


        ... is a Preset library for the legendary U-he Diva Synthesizer. Featuring 50 top notch Presets ... is a massive to...

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        £15.75 GBP

        Infinite Color Vol 2: RC 20 Presets

        • 30% off

        'Infinite Color Vol 2' by D-Fused Sounds is the second instalment of this nice series of presets for RC20 Retrocolo...

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        £8.23 GBP

        Infinite Color: RC 20 Presets

        • 30% off

        ... by D-Fused Sounds brings a huge palette of texture and modulation presets for your beloved RC20 RetroColor and...

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        £7.07 GBP


        • 30% off

        ... by D-Fused Sounds is a fresh collection of 30 presets for the incredible SoundToys Effect Rack intended to add...

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        £5.55 GBP

        Pads & Chords for DCO-106

        • 30% off

        ... by D-fused Sounds presents their first preset collection for the DCO 106 plugin, the most powerful recreation o...

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        Price $8.44 USD

        £6.37 GBP

        VHS Instrument: 808

        ... by Kryptic Samples is a 808 bass Reason Refill recorded on VHS, post-processed and split in 92 patches for Comb...

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        £8.32 GBP

        404 Studio Virus TI Lockdown

          ... by Industrial Strength is ready for another Lockdown. A Virus T1 Lockdown. 404 Studio is back with another amaz...

          Price $26.44 USD

          £19.96 GBP

          Sounds of Syence: LA Pop

          Producer Loops are proud to announce this collaboration with Pop artist, Syence, and we are very proud to present '...

          Was $24.23 USD

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          £13.72 GBP

          Impulse Factory Infected Virus TI

            ... by Industrial Strength is a set of 71 Presets that are great for Hard Dance, Hardcore, Raw-style, Up-Tempo Indu...

            Price $22.03 USD

            £16.63 GBP

            Bass Refill Bundle

            ... by Kryptic Samples is an incredible collection gathering three killer bass sample packs....

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            £8.32 GBP

            Main Techno

              ... by House of Loop provides an experience that encapsulates the essence of Techno with more additions compared to...

              Price $30.40 USD

              £22.95 GBP

              Material Tech House 2

                ... by Material is a second energetic collection of rolling dancefloor sonics. A faultless production standard and...

                Price $39.67 USD

                £29.95 GBP

                80s Bass

                '80's Bass' by Kryptic Samples is a wistful synth bass collection designed for your Retro Synthwave productions....

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                Price $6.60 USD

                £4.98 GBP

                All Sauce Bundle

                ... by Kryptic Samples combines ten drum kits professionally crafted for your music production....

                Was $66.17 USD

                Price $26.46 USD

                £19.98 GBP

                8-Bit Sauce

                ... by Kryptic Samples brings you down memory lane to nostalgic 8-Bit gaming sounds with a heavenly Lo-Fi drum samp...

                Was $16.50 USD

                Price $6.60 USD

                £4.98 GBP

                Novatrance for Mininova

                  ... by JKSound is a soundbank of 75 presets for the Novation MiniNova hardware synth....

                  Price $28.01 USD

                  £21.15 GBP

                  System 1 Trance

                    ... by JKSound is a set of 64 Trance presets for Roland System-1 including bass, plucks, keys, pads, leads, acid, a...

                    Price $25.29 USD

                    £19.09 GBP


                      ... by Engineering Samples RED is a Techno sample pack loaded with outstanding analogue sounds and loops....

                      Price $17.55 USD

                      £13.25 GBP

                      Drip Bass

                      ... by Kryptic Samples is a gripping 808 bass sample pack designed for Trap and Future RnB....

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                      Price $5.50 USD

                      £4.15 GBP