Straight Diggin Drums

    ... from Anno Domini Nation's multi-platinum producers Scarebeatz & Screwaholic have teamed up to bring you an excl...

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    £16.66 GBP

    Liquid Dub

      There is nothing like taking a day at the beach and digging your toes in the sand while listening to some awesome b...

      $25.79 USD

      £19.54 GBP

      Future Lounge

      • 40% off

      Grab your martini and set your destination to the future with this cocktail of sounds. 'Future Lounge' features six...

      Was $24.74 USD

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      £11.25 GBP

      RS: Drum Depot

        Resonance Sound proudly presents 'Drum Depot', a massive drum kit arsenal in collaboration with Marco Scherer featu...

        $23.04 USD

        £17.46 GBP

        Deep Techno Excursions

          'Deep Techno Excursions' is an analogue excursion into the deeper, darker and atmospheric reaches of Techno. Pac...

          $32.92 USD

          £24.95 GBP

          Chill Trap: Maschine Expansion

          • 25% off

          ... is a musical collection of Urban sounds for producers of Trap, Future Bass, Hip Hop and other urban styles....

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          £12.49 GBP

          Contemporary Electronica

            ... by Electronic luminary Adam Shaw and 5Pin Media invite you to embark on a magical sonic journey inspired by art...

            $36.88 USD

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            Deep EDM

            • 40% off

            ... is an smooth, progressive and melodic EDM toolkit of five invigorating Construction Kits. Dive right into EDM t...

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            Grunge Rock

            • 40% off

            Grab that old flannel and your ripped jeans because Soundtrack Loops are bringing you back to the Alternative music...

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            £10.28 GBP

            They Call It Acid

              ... takes it back to the birthplace of rave culture with this homage to the Acid House revolution. Inspired by the...

              $46.12 USD

              £34.95 GBP

              Future House Tracks

              • 40% off

              Create, mix, remix and play! 'Future House Tracks' is a massive bundle of Future House loops, one-shots, drum kits,...

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              £10.50 GBP

              Vive La Funky House

              • 40% off

              ... is a funky fresh take on House music inspired by indie dance music old and new. From funky wah wah bass guitar...

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              £9.65 GBP

              Grime 2.0

                ... is dark, brooding and hard-hitting and an uncompromising take on the underground sound being pushed by the curr...

                $46.12 USD

                £34.95 GBP

                Classic Hip Hop

                  ... is full of Hip Hop beats, full Rap vocals, melody loops with stabs, hits, Rhodes, vinyl cuts, Ableton Racks, Ma...

                  $39.52 USD

                  £29.95 GBP

                  House For Heads

                    ... takes inspiration from the original House music scenes of New York, London, New Jersey and Chicago. This pack s...

                    $46.12 USD

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                    Drum & Bass Ultra Pack 2

                      ... contains absolutely everything needed for modern producers, from high quality WAV samples, vocals, patches, tem...

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                      Death Proof Recordings

                        ... is a unique collection provides some mind-blowing enigmatic loops and a spellbinding amount of studio-ready sam...

                        $26.33 USD

                        £19.95 GBP

                        21st Century Trip Hop

                          ... has invested literally hundreds of man hours of creating, recording, processing, layering & resampling into cre...

                          $39.52 USD

                          £29.95 GBP