... by Audio Masters features a collection of twisted funky Nu Disco power, delivered straight to your DAW. Designe...

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'French & Disco House 2' is the follow-up to the highly appreciated first volume, and it's packed with a huge arsenal of Tech-twisted Disco & Funk sounds.

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Awee Freak Out!. It's here, the best basses and guitar loops from the golden era of Disco you'll ever need. Live re...

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'Soul & Disco Strings' is a journey back in time to the heyday of exuberant dance moves, flamboyant outfits and ...

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... by Audio Masters delivers a collection of lush synths, deep pads, funky bass and much more. Designed for produc...

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'Deep House And Nu Disco' from Loopmasters present a fresh collection of Royalty-Free samples to get you smoothly i...

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... by Audio Masters delivers a cutting-edge collection of three products in one huge bundle. Designed with an eye ...

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... blends the original sounds of the analogue era into a modern melting pot of Dark Disco, Electro Funk and New Wa...

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'French & Disco House' blends original sounds of early '80s with modern sound of today. Each loop has been exper...

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... by Audio Masters delivers a collection of synth loops, ready to inject your tracks with some retro feel, combin...

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... from Zero-G features over 1,200 24-Bit samples and 2.5 GB of authentic 70's and 80's dancefloor nostalgia. You'...

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... by Audio Masters is an amazing collection of drum kits, designed for Nu Disco, House and Dance genres. Inside y...

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... by Famous Audio contains nine of the finest Disco Construction Kits at 128 BPM. Full of trippy and innovative s...

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