Future Disco & Pop Bundle

... by Pulsed Records delivers a huge bundled a collection of hand-crafted sounds, designed for producers of Pop, D...

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£28.33 GBP

Bonar Bradberry: Disco House

  • 60% off

... from Loopmasters present a super-chic collection of dreamy Disco sounds with the shimmering sounds and sparklin...

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$13.78 USD

£9.98 GBP

In Da Disco

  • 60% off

... from Delectable Records is a fresh Royalty-Free collection of real instruments and synthesized sounds created f...

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£7.98 GBP

Daft Funk 3

  • 60% off

... from Monster Sounds dips its toes into the deep funky waters of the French filter House scene once again with t...

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Mind Twisting Electro

  • 60% off

... is determined to infect your Disco grooves with the Electro virus. Taking influence from other defining genres...

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NY Loft Classics

  • 60% off

... from Looptone takes a bite out of the Big Apple and jumps the queue to an exclusive NY loft party with this sci...

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Nu Wave & Disco

  • 60% off

... from Loopmasters is a dreamy collection of stylish samples laden with soul and sparkle for discotheques around...

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Club Funk & Nu Disco

  • 60% off

... is a fresh collection of dancefloor sounds to permeate the crowd and get the groove going all night long. With...

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French & Disco House 3

    ... is packed with over 300 MB of Jazzy, Funky & filtered Blues sounds, sparking your creativity in seconds. 100 pr...

    $11.45 USD

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    Neon Disco

    • 30% off

    ... is an ultra-cool collection of over 454 MB of House & Nu Disco samples, featuring crisp drums, '80s inspired sy...

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    Disco House Tools Vol 1

    • 50% off

    ... from Constructed Sounds was inspired by artists like Daft Punk, Joey Negro, Late Nite Tuff Guy and Purple Disco...

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    Future Nu Disco

    ... from Audentity fully explores a new upcoming genre. A mixture between EDM and Nu Disco brings producers a diver...

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    • 50% off

    ... from Ueberschall delivers the classic vibe of pure Disco but with the sonic clarity of cutting-edge production...

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    £35.40 GBP

    Nu Disco Superfunk: Synths

    • 50% off

    ... by Audio Masters features a collection of some of the funkiest synth loops available today. Developed for produ...

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    Nu Disco Superfunk

    • 50% off

    ... by Audio Masters features a collection of twisted funky Nu Disco power, delivered straight to your DAW. Designe...

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    French & Disco House 2

      ... is the follow-up to the highly appreciated first volume, and it's packed with a huge arsenal of Tech-twisted Di...

      $12.61 USD

      £9.13 GBP

      Nu Disco Elements: Loops

        ... from Loopoholics comes with everything you need to take your tracks to a higher level with an excessive entoura...

        $18.36 USD

        £13.29 GBP