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... is a hot custom sample libary dedicated for this summer. These painstakingly designed percussion...

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... from Zero-G and Xfonic is a brand new multi-format vocal library featuring over 1100 original vo...

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... is a hot new product from Fox Samples. With five unique Construction Kits of the best in Danceha...

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... brings you the unmistakable sound of Jamaican music that has come a long way since the days of B...

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... from Roqstar Entertainment brings you top-notch Construction Kits covering the latest Dancehall ...

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... is an ultra-fresh sample pack from your loyal beat addicts Prime Loops, giving you castles full ...

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... from Ueberschall is your easy way to create any synthetical Dancehall riddim you want. 34 Constr...

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... from Ueberschall is a collection in a class all its own. Ripe from the Urban airways easy flowin...

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... is a 759MB pack containing 30 of the hottest Dancehall Construction Kits, at tempos from 95-119 ...

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... contains 30 of the smoothest kits we've ever heard! This 1.4 GB sound library is packed with ove...

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