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Get KSHMR's Plugin (AU, AAX, VST) plus FOUR Sample Packs from Producer Loops for just £24.95 (90% o...

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Save $200 USD today and get SEVEN Trap Sample Packs for the price of ONE. This special bundle includ...

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'Bayou: Tale from the Swamp' is quite possibly the most original Sample Pack of 2021. The music and...

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'Dark Realm' by Producer Loops features an outstanding collection of live recorded Foley sounds stro...

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'Symphonic Series Vol 6: Dark Fairy Tales' expands on this high end series with five original compos...

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Open your mind to fear! Cinetools proudly presents Nocturne - a beguiling mix of organic horror inst...

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We proudly present Retro Jumpscares - a collection featuring 75 ready-to-use blood-curdling, bone-ch...

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Designed Game Footsteps sound effects library provides you with the perfect footstep SFX you will ne...

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'Panflow' from Audiomodern is designed to shape complex, evolving panning patterns to add random and...

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'Instachord 2' from WA Production is a new VST/AAX/AU Plugin which uses A.I. to create new chords an...

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All royalty-free and inspired by popular MMORPG games. Invent new worlds in audio with immersive atm...

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We are here with our latest release Horror Tools - featuring 85 high-quality disturbing sound effect...

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We proudly present Horror Intros: Halloween - 50 high-quality nightmarish and unnerving cues, at len...

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Smokey Loops presents 'Spooky Halloween 3', a hot collection of Construction Kits and Midi for Hallo...

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After midnight and before dawn, 'Prowler Industrial' is out on the streets. Energetic bursts and rhy...

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Smokey Loops presents 'Spooky Halloween 2', a hot collection of Construction Kits and Midi for Hallo...

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If you're creating music or soundscapes for horror or action films, or even heavier music genres lik...

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