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... is just the beginning of this mini pack series and contains all the essential elements to create the next Compl...

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... is a new great collection one shots provided in all keys for creating your own favorite FX sounds.

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... by Audio Masters features a collection of twisted funky Nu Disco power, delivered straight to your DAW. Designe...

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'Immense Electro House' from Immense Sounds features five outstanding & immense Electro House Construction Kits in 24-Bit WAV & MIDI formats.

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... reignites this killer series from Producer Loops, bringing you five fresh Construction Kits designed for produc...

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'Abstract Electro House Vol 5' re-ignites this killer series from Producer Loops, bringing you five fresh Constr...

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... has left no stone unturned with each of the 64 Massive presets, carefully designed from scratch and using all eight macros in every patch.

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... is the essential follow up to the chart busting original. Hy2rogen turns up the heat to deliver 128 smoking Syl...

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... from Hy2rogen returns with 10 commercial Electro Pop song starters, custom built to rock the clubs & radios, delivered as over 740 MB of content.

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... by Hy2rogen crafts another must-have FX sample pack, delivering essential downlifters, uplifters, sweeps, misc ...

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'Complex Electro Pop Bundle' by Audio Masters delivers three innovative products in one immense bundle. Fat anal...

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