... will show you there is no way you'll be able to keep still as you browse your way through this m...

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Introducing a never before heard release from L.A. RIOT (the original sampled disc company) for Soun...

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... has captured the essence of the late '70s and early '80s Funk Disco guitar licks, bringing a set...

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Funked Up Vocals is now available to download to your computer instantly! It includes 92 dance Vo...

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... is a new series of premium Hip Hop breaks. You can expect 64 drum loops from 80 to 110 BPM with authentic warm sound of classic Funk music from the '70s.

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'Funked Up Bass Guitars' includes over 640 loops and riffs performed exclusively by one of the UK...

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Funked Up Guitars from Inspiration Sounds includes 564 of the most dynamic and exciting guitar lo...

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'Undercover Funk Vol 2' is a dynamite selection of the funkiest Royalty-Free samples this side of...

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... by Audio Masters blasts off with this stunning collection of superbly designed sounds. Produced ...

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Funked Up Horns from Inspiration Sounds features some of the cheekiest funky horn loops around. I...

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Funked Up Percussion features over 400 live Percussion Loops and Percussion Samples in WAV format...

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... brings you 73 electric piano loops in contemporary Jazz Funk style which can be used in Pop, Roc...

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'Future French Funk' is a hot new product from Pulsed Records, inspired by Daft Punk among others...

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