... may make you think again if you think Funk is just about strummed Fender Strats and slapped bass. From the 'Ela...

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      ... is the ultimate resource for crate-digging Hip Hop producers, French Funk fans and beat alchemists of all genre...

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      ... by Pulsed Records features an unique collection of funked-up leads, smacking stabs, bass, drums and more. Desig...

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      ... by Pulsed Records delivers a wealth of ultra-funky chord progressions fused with foley elements & synthetic lay...

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      ... brings the funk. If you're inspired by trailblazing artists like Madeon and Daft Punk, you'll find this energet...

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        ... is filled with Funky melodies and Soulful beats mixed with organic and futuristic sounds, perfect for adding a...

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          ... from incredible producer Luigi gives you some of the most amazing live Funk guitar that will initiate several i...

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            ... is an analogue-heavy collection of live recorded instruments and precision-crafted drums, keys & synths from th...

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            ... from Big Citi Loops brings you five Construction Kits from the West Side. Influences for this product include X...

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              ... contains 938 MB of funked-out Afrobeat samples, featuring professionally recorded live horns, guitars, bass, ke...

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              ... from Big Citi Loops brings you Five Construction Kits from the West Side. Influences for this product include X...

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              ... is bringing back the funky incredible series from Big Citi Loops. This product delivers those smooth chords tha...

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                Funked Up Vocals is now available to download to your computer instantly! It includes 92 dance Vocal phrases, hits,...

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                ... is back with the funky organ product that has some of the most soulful and funky organ loops around....

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                  ... from Fox Samples features five Construction Kits filled with nothing but top quality Pop Funk....

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                      Funked Up Guitars from Inspiration Sounds includes 564 of the most dynamic and exciting guitar loops and riffs ever...

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                        ... from Monster Sounds dips its toes into the deep funky waters of the French filter House scene once again with t...

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