Complextro House Session 1

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... kicks off this brand new series of powerful melodic Complextro House Construction Kits from Transmission, all p...

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Complex Electro Tools Vol 2

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... is the follow-up product in this series for Complextro and Dubstep production. Big quality meets huge usability...

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Complex Electro Tools Vol 1

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... is just the beginning of this mini pack series and contains all the essential elements to create the next Compl...

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French Complextro House

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'French Complextro House’ is a hot new product from Audio Masters, featuring a selection of the freshest sounds a...

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Complextro Super Bundle

... by Pulsed Records delivers this immense bundle, packed tight with cutting-edge material for your productions. I...

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Complextro Drums

... follows up on the 'Complextro Superpack' at Premier Sound Bank. 40 drum sounds have just been released for your...

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Complextro Pop Culture

... is an awesome new product from Pulsed Records inspired by artists such as Zedd, Madeon and more. If you want to...

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Complex Bundle

... by Pulsed Records delivers you three unique products in one huge bundle at a discounted price. Containing 15 ex...

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