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Get KSHMR's Plugin (AU, AAX, VST) plus FOUR Sample Packs from Producer Loops for just £24.95 (90% o...

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'1970' from Producer Loops and The Sound Of Merlin brings you the sound of the early seventies. Insp...

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'Serenity' arguably sets a new standard for the sample industry with a fantastic collection of acous...

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'1975' is a homage to the Progressive Rock of bands of the mid-1970s. World-Class musicians from The...

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'1974' from Producer Loops and The Sound of Merlin is an instrumental Progressive Jazz Rock Sample P...

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Electronic Blues is a sample pack containing four unique compositions that blend the traditional blu...

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'Panflow' from Audiomodern is designed to shape complex, evolving panning patterns to add random and...

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'Instachord 2' from WA Production is a new VST/AAX/AU Plugin which uses A.I. to create new chords an...

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"Blues Synth Library" offers 54 blues synth loops that will bring to life different ideas to incorpo...

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“Minor Blues Keys” by Orpheus Music Production it is an exemplary sample pack of incredible Blue...

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Combining two distinctive American musical traditions, Blues Rock is a soulful, energetic sound pion...

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'Blues Live Guitars 6' by Luigi Productions providing 82 amazing live acoustic and electric guitar s...

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“Mississipi Keyboards 1” by Orpheus Music Production it is an exemplary package of legendary Blu...

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Drill Blues sample pack from Sonics Empire is the first of its kind to bring you an elevating experi...

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'Electric Bluesy Guitar 4' by Luigi Productions providing 50 amazing live Blues guitar samples, tha...

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“Blues Piano Library 2" by Orpheus Music Production contains 48 live Blues-Piano samples that will...

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“Electric Blues Guitars“ by SpillAudio comprises 144 guitar and bass loops inspired by artists s...

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'Country Brick Blues' by Live Soundz Productions provides the perfect mixture of ten Country and Blu...

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The distinctive sound of the Mississippi Blues is both instantly recognizable and full of atmospheri...

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Acoustic Bluesy Guitar 4 by Luigi Production is a set of 44 live Acoustic Blues Guitar loops that wi...

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