... arguably sets a new standard for the sample industry with a fantastic collection of acoustic guitar chord progr...

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£10.40 GBP

Blues Live Guitars 5

... by Luigi Production features three Kits and 139 individual loops for producers looking for that unique Blues, C...

Price $21.02 USD

£15.83 GBP



... is a homage to the Progressive Rock of bands of the mid-1970s. World-Class musicians from The Sound of Merlin d...

Was $33.14 USD

Price $16.57 USD

£12.48 GBP

Electric Bluesy Guitar 3

... by Luigi Production features 44 live guitar samples, 9 live Keys samples and 9 live Bass samples that will help...

Was $16.60 USD

Price $14.94 USD

£11.25 GBP


... from Producer Loops and The Sound of Merlin is an instrumental Progressive Jazz Rock Sample Pack which could ha...

Was $29.82 USD

Price $14.91 USD

£11.23 GBP

Blues Vibes Vol 2

  • 10% off

'Blues Vibes - Vol 2' by Orpheus features 2 incredible full-track construction kits in Blues, Blues Rock, and Jazzy...

Was $19.92 USD

Price $17.92 USD

£13.50 GBP

Blues Vibes Vol 1

  • 10% off

'Blues Vibes - Vol 1' by Orpheus features 2 incredible full-track Construction Kits in Blues, Blues Rock, Jazzy Blu...

Was $19.92 USD

Price $17.92 USD

£13.50 GBP

Blues Rock

  • 50% off

... by Ueberschall is inspired by the pioneers of the Delta Blues sound. Modern Blues artists often blend elements...

Was $46.42 USD

Price $23.21 USD

£17.48 GBP

Infinite Color Vol 2: RC 20 Presets

  • 30% off

'Infinite Color Vol 2' by D-Fused Sounds is the second instalment of this nice series of presets for RC20 Retrocolo...

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What About: Blues & Soul Ignite

... by W.A. Production brings this outstanding pack! There's nothing quite like a soothing Blues or Soul record. Su...

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£7.95 GBP

Acoustic Bluesy Guitar 3

'Acoustic Bluesy Guitars 3' by Luigi Production features 100 live acoustic guitar samples and 34 live Keys that wil...

Was $19.92 USD

Price $14.94 USD

£11.25 GBP

Blues Live Guitars 4

... by Luigi Production features 70 live Blues Guitar samples that will help you to initiate new musical ideas fitt...

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£13.13 GBP

Blues Folk Songwriter Vol 2

  • 10% off

... by Vanilla Groove brings a little folky goodness to your tracks. This pack features 187 rhythmic and soulful lo...

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£11.22 GBP

Feeling Blues

    ... by Sonics Empire is a vocal sample pack created by Sonics Empire. Producers of this product also wanted to pack...

    Price $12.67 USD

    £9.54 GBP

    Blues Folk Songwriter Vol 1

    • 10% off

    ... by Vanilla Groove Studios features 131 rhythmic and soulful loops played on acoustic guitar, dobro and ganjo an...

    Was $16.54 USD

    Price $14.90 USD

    £11.22 GBP

    Electric Bluesy Guitar 2

    ... by Luigi Production is a live guitar sample pack based on a Construction Kit with a Blues vibe....

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    £8.75 GBP

    Blues Vol 1

    • 50% off

    'Blues Volume 1' by SessionBand is a unique collection of over 3500 multitrack Blues loops featuring four of the wo...

    Was $32.63 USD

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    Blues Guitar

    • 50% off

    ... by Ueberschall is a collection of 100 guitar-based sequences played on a combination of acoustic, resonator and...

    Was $93.99 USD

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    £35.40 GBP

    Acoustic Bluesy Guitar 2

    ... by Luigi Production gives you some of the most amazing live bluesy acoustic guitar that will help you to initia...

    Was $15.49 USD

    Price $11.62 USD

    £8.75 GBP

    Collin Watt: Future Blues Hop

    Collin Watt is a composer and producer based out of Los Angeles, CA. With 12 years of guitar and bass playing under...

    Was $17.59 USD

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    £6.63 GBP

    Jupiter Blues

      ... by Touch Loops is a collection of expertly produced loops and samples that blur the lines between genre and inf...

      Price $16.60 USD

      £12.50 GBP

      I Love Blues

      • 20% off

      ... by Undisputed Music is inspired by Rock groups such as Nirvana, Coldplay, and U2....

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      £12.66 GBP

      Texas Blues Guitar

      • 50% off

      ... by Organic Loops is an authentic selection of Texas riffs, licks, chords and turnarounds with a characteristica...

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      Electric Bluesy Guitar

      "Electric Bluesy Guitar" from incredible producer and guitarist Luigi gives you some of the most amazing live blues...

      Was $15.49 USD

      Price $11.62 USD

      £8.75 GBP