Mainroom Warehouse is a new label bringing you the best quality presets/patches for your VST instruments specializing in the Electro, House and Progressive genres, kicking off our new range will be "Mainroom Club Sounds Volume 1 For NI Massive" with 64 patches.

... features 10 Construction Kits including WAV & MIDI to inspire your next Deep House smash hit.

£11.67 GBP

(Approx. $15.33 USD)


... from Mainroom Warehouse features 100 Spire Presets, 10 Construction Kits & a drum sample tool kit. Inspired by ...

£16.67 GBP

(Approx. $21.90 USD)


... from Mainroom Warehouse is a superb set of tools combining Spire presets, drums & percussion samples in this must have toolbox pack for all Techno producers.

£15.83 GBP

(Approx. $20.80 USD)


... is a special treat for all you Spire And Sylenth owners out there, featuring a whopping 80 Construction Kits, 128 Spire presets and 128 Sylenth presets.

£18.33 GBP

(Approx. $24.08 USD)

  • 50% off

'Gargantuan Bigroom EDM Drops MIDI' featuring 50 fresh and gargantuan MIDI drops for your next super Bigroom EDM productions.

Was £8.29 GBP

£4.15 GBP

(Approx. $5.45 USD)

... from Mainroom Warehouse are proud to release a band new Spire sound set, featuring 128 Spire presets And 40 MIDI Kits with all presets used in the demo.

£12.50 GBP

(Approx. $16.42 USD)

... from Mainroom Warehouse brings you the third instalment of this huge new series, featuring 128 presets for the amazing Spire synthesizer.

£13.33 GBP

(Approx. $17.51 USD)

  • 50% off

... by Mainroom Warehouse brings you 30 top class Deep House MIDI anthem files, fresh from our studios to give your...

Was £8.29 GBP

£4.15 GBP

(Approx. $5.45 USD)

  • 50% off

... features 50 fresh huge MIDI drops for your next super EDM productions. If you're looking for those big EDM mome...

Was £8.33 GBP

£4.17 GBP

(Approx. $5.48 USD)

  • 50% off

... from Mainroom Warehouse features 8 top-class immense EDM drop Construction Kits, inspired by today's top names in EDM and modern Dance.

Was £11.67 GBP

£5.83 GBP

(Approx. $7.66 USD)

  • 20% off

... features 50 MIDI drops, 30 Spire presets & 10 Bigroom kicks in key. Inspired by all the top EDM artists from ar...

Was £10.00 GBP

£8.00 GBP

(Approx. $10.51 USD)

  • 30% off

... by Mainroom Warehouse proudly brings you a massive collection of EDM songstarter Construction Kits featuring a ...

Was £19.17 GBP

£13.42 GBP

(Approx. $17.63 USD)