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... from Industrial Strength Samples delivers another hard edge pack of heavy sounds for producers who want to get ...

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'Lenny Dee: Hard Electronic' features NINE relentless, hard and downright dirty Construction Kits, packed with h...

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... is proudly presented to you by Industrial Strength Records, who is known for being the first Hardcore music lab...

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... is a collection of Hardstyle sounds and kits created by OGM909 and ISR. Living up to its name, this product pac...

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... from ISR is another sonic bender. From the darkest depths of the core, they brought back D Tox to rock this nex...

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... by Industrial Strength is a pummeling audio sound set from the outstanding chops of experimental Electronic pro...

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'Lenny Dee: Drumshots Vol 4' delivers a fresh round of dynamic drum sounds, ready for layering live and in the s...

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Molgli's bringing you a new super hot bundle package. An amazing money saver for all producers UK Hardcore producer...

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... is the newest collection from none other than ISR's Lenny Dee. This collection of drum hits is from Lenny Dee's...

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... from Smash Up The Studio brings you seriously hard hooks for those who crave that 170 BPM Hardcore rush! This c...

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... from Ueberschall is a unique, high quality produced sample collection from one of the best and most respected H...

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