... from Industrial Strength Samples hits your DAW with another essential kick drum pack for hard music production....

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    • 30% off

    ... features NINE relentless, hard and downright dirty Construction Kits, packed with hundreds of twisted samples a...

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      ... from Industrial Strength Samples returns with another underground drum pack. This is a new collection of kick d...

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        ... is the latest creation from Industrial Strength, sure to twist your ear drums like never before. ... is geared...

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          ... is an amazing show stopper weighing in at 450 MB of pure content and features all the tools you need to pop off...

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            ... is loaded to the max with the heaviest bass drums and FX around. This pack offers you a large set of bass drums...

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              ... from Singomakers is packed with supercharged samples suitable for Rawstyle, Hardstyle, Hardcore, Speedcore and...

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                ... from Industrial Strength Samples is back with another banging Hardcore sample collection. You asked, so they de...

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                  ... from 5KRO Media, Industrial Strength Samples and Lenny Dee present this Native instruments Kontakt instrument d...

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                  ... may be the hardest, fastest, most extreme collection of sounds in the history of Hardcore sample libraries....

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                    ... from Industrial Strength's Lenny Dee has put together a tight collection of shots for producers looking for ser...

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                    ... contains everything you need to make nostalgic classic Rave and Happy Hardcore tracks, including a Spire bank w...

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                      'Mainstream Hardcore' brings you hard as nails audio for your next production work and hard hitting kick drums. Gan...

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                        ... from Industrial Strength Samples delivers another hard edge pack of heavy sounds for producers who want to get...

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                          ... is a collection of Hardstyle sounds and kits created by OGM909 and ISR. Living up to its name, this product pac...

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                            ... by Monster Sounds is their third release in conjunction with Sy and Unknown, a superb collection of fresh and i...

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                              ... by Industrial Strength is a pummeling audio sound set from the outstanding chops of experimental Electronic pro...

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