Black Octopus Sound is dedicated to providing sample libraries and audio production tools of elite quality. Located on the west coast of Canada and founded in 2011 by electronic musician and sound design guru Toby Emerson, this label is focused on creating some of the best and most innovative samples in the game. Every sound is meticulously crafted to ensure these packs are exceptionally high quality. 

Get your heart pumping and raise the energy on the floor with these ultimate filthy, dirty, and just pure disgustin...

Price $31.22 USD

£25.38 GBP


Get some hard-hitting beats down with 'UK Drill Essentials' by Everyday Samples, a massive pack filled with speaker...

Price $30.18 USD

£24.54 GBP


Explore the depths of vocal production and sampling with over 550 total samples in 'Hyperbits Ultimate Vocal Toolki...

Price $32.24 USD

£26.21 GBP


Bring your tracks to life with this collection of deep emotive vocal samples from rising artist Beò!...

Price $33.26 USD

£27.04 GBP


Only seen once before, now the rumors are circling again, there's something big stirring beneath the surface of the...

Price $57.86 USD

£47.04 GBP


Get everything you need to create dynamic, hypnotizing and dancefloor-filler beats with 'Last Call Melodic Techno'!...

Price $29.68 USD

£24.13 GBP


Deep dive into the hypnotic world of 'Deep Trance' with its layered melodies, high tempo riffs, powerful drums, and...

Price $28.14 USD

£22.88 GBP


Black Octopus Sound is proud to present the Shook Synth Funk Bundle! It's not everyday you can get your hands on sa...

Price $52.23 USD

£42.46 GBP


Take your music out of this world with the futuristic presets and intricate, exceptional sound production in Sensor...

Price $40.95 USD

£33.29 GBP


Throw my head back and (Shout!) Come on now (Shout!) Get these FIRE chants and shouts! Chants and Shouts is back fo...

Price $28.65 USD

£23.29 GBP


Low:R is serving up a massive collection of liquid and funky drum & bass samples with his first sample pack 'Low:R'...

Price $29.16 USD

£23.71 GBP


Bound to Divide is back with even more sweet FX in this fun-sized pack! 'Ear Candy FX Toolkit 3' will indulge your...

Price $19.94 USD

£16.21 GBP