Black Octopus Sound is dedicated to providing sample libraries and audio production tools of elite quality. Located on the west coast of Canada and founded in 2011 by electronic musician and sound design guru Toby Emerson, this label is focused on creating some of the best and most innovative samples in the game. Every sound is meticulously crafted to ensure these packs are exceptionally high quality. 

Crunchy Beats By Basement Freaks

    Black Octopus Sound and Basement Freaks are super stoked to present Crunchy Beats. Filled with hard hitting, unbeli...

    Price $31.16 USD

    £22.88 GBP

    A New High - Vocals and Chops

      A New High - Vocals and Chops is here to deliver radio-ready toplines with a full toolkit of unforgettable full-son...

      Price $33.99 USD

      £24.96 GBP

      Zara Taylor - Music Box

        Black Octopus Sound is incredibly excited to present the long-awaited second vocal pack from world-renowned Zara Ta...

        Price $41.93 USD

        £30.79 GBP

        Shook Synth Funk II

          Shook Synth Funk Vol 2 has arrived! Filled with over 800 Bass, Drums, Synths, Music loops, and Midi Loops, that are...

          Price $37.97 USD

          £27.88 GBP

          Pure Analog Sweeps IV

            Welcome to the final instalment of the 4-part quadrology that is “Pure Analog Sweeps”. The 4th installment brin...

            Price $20.37 USD

            £14.96 GBP

            Drums Through The Eras

              Black Octopus Sound is proud to present Influx Studios' new pack 'Drums Through The Eras'. Recorded at the multipla...

              Price $37.39 USD

              £27.46 GBP

              Dawdio - Aerial Vocal Atmospheres

                Aerial Vocal Atmospheres by Dawdio features beautiful female vocals elegantly performed by Caroline Tucker, alongsi...

                Price $27.18 USD

                £19.96 GBP

                Color Bass Essentials

                  Color Bass Essentials brings you a massive spectrum of samples ranging from bright music loops to dark drums and lo...

                  Price $27.18 USD

                  £19.96 GBP

                  Blackwarp - Bass House Vol 2

                    Hype up the crowd and get the dancefloor pulsing with the classic sounds of bass house! 'Bass House Vol 2' by Black...

                    Price $27.18 USD

                    £19.96 GBP

                    Gerald - Low End EP Sample Pack

                      Black Octopus Sound is excited to announce Gerald, delivering their explosive EP 'Low End' as the latest release on...

                      Price $32.86 USD

                      £24.13 GBP

                      Breaking Point

                        ... by Black Octopus features one of the most diverse voices in EDM. Nino Lucarelli THE Arizona Rocker, is ready to...

                        Price $28.88 USD

                        £21.21 GBP

                        Slap House Essentials

                          ... by Black Octopus presents a set of slapping basses, funky vocals, hard-hitting drums and so much more! It's a p...

                          Price $28.88 USD

                          £21.21 GBP

                          Rainy Daze Lofi

                            ... by Black Octopus Sound is filled with melodic content that creates cozy atmospheres and nostalgic vibes that wi...

                            Price $28.88 USD

                            £21.21 GBP

                            Eclipse - Synth Funk

                              'Eclipse Synth Funk' by Black Octopus takes us right back to the '80s with their pure Funk gold and synths that are...

                              Price $28.31 USD

                              £20.79 GBP

                              Audiojunkie - Intimate Piano

                                ... by Black Octopus Sound delivers an outstanding collection of sounds! Are you looking for samples that are capti...

                                Price $28.88 USD

                                £21.21 GBP

                                Vocal Kitchen - A Taste Of Heaven

                                  'Vocal Kitchen - A Taste Of Heaven' by Black Octopus presents a collection of vocals from a world-famous superstar....

                                  Price $32.29 USD

                                  £23.71 GBP

                                  Pure Analog Sweeps

                                    ... by Black Octopus Sound is a vast library of unique, analog audio sweep-effects for artistic use in music, film,...

                                    Price $19.80 USD

                                    £14.54 GBP