Black Octopus Sound is dedicated to providing sample libraries and audio production tools of elite quality. Located on the west coast of Canada and founded in 2011 by electronic musician and sound design guru Toby Emerson, this label is focused on creating some of the best and most innovative samples in the game. Every sound is meticulously crafted to ensure these packs are exceptionally high quality. 

'Superfluidity' is ready to supercharge your Liquid Funk game with 3 GB of premium Drum & Bass and Drumstep samp...

$56.86 USD

£43.83 GBP

... focuses on the in your face, gritty, heavy, and menacing sounds that work really well in hard Electro, Dubstep, Trap and other bass-heavy genres.

$28.92 USD

£22.29 GBP

... from KYNG Media returns with a synth heavy collection of beats, capturing a futuristic and chill sound. As with...

$30.98 USD

£23.88 GBP

'Foley Essentials' is a sample pack that taps into the sound of the living, breathing world around us. There is a c...

$20.86 USD

£16.08 GBP

... from Black Octopus Sound presents the first sample pack in the Wicked Drum series. This is a tasty selection of...

$26.97 USD

£20.79 GBP

... from the mind of KYNG Media comes a fine collection of beats diving full into the moody and atmospheric realm o...

$29.74 USD

£22.92 GBP

... is the highly anticipated second sample pack from Basement Freaks, which is an absolute treasure chest of Royalty-Free funky sounds for music producers.

$49.08 USD

£37.83 GBP

... captures a sexy and unique sound ready for your productions. This sample pack contains a wide selection of mood...

$34.36 USD

£26.48 GBP

... from producer KYNG media comes a collection of chilled out Tropical House samples just in time for summer. It c...

$26.97 USD

£20.79 GBP

... is a hot new preset pack designed by Toby Emerson. These 128 Harmor presets have been carefully crafted and scu...

$24.60 USD

£18.96 GBP

... contains a dark and aggressive 1.25 GB sample pack packed full of twisted Neuro bass, terrorising growls, hypno...

$35.63 USD

£27.46 GBP

... goes from futuristic Neurofunk to the classic sounds of Drum and Bass. This pack will give you everything you n...

$27.57 USD

£21.25 GBP

'Planet X' from producer KYNG Media (Osiris, Reloaded, Neon Lights) comes a journey into the future side of Trap. T...

$27.57 USD

£21.25 GBP

... by Black Octopus presents an ethereal journey into sound with this stunning first volume. The evolving soundsca...

$27.57 USD

£21.25 GBP

... is back with the new Future Series FL Studio Templates. One of the best ways to learn FL studio is to study pro...

$24.60 USD

£18.96 GBP

'Organic Elements' is a pack that celebrates the living and breathing world of sound around us, and shines light...

$38.87 USD

£29.96 GBP