Industrial Strength of New York was founded by legendary electronic music producer Lenny Dee in 1991.

As the first Hardcore label in the world and one of the first electronic labels in the USA, ISR has released music from artists such as Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, The Mover, Promo, Casper Pound, DOA, Oliver Chelser ('The Horrorist”), Nasenbluten, Manu le Malin, Unexist and John Selway, to name a few.

ISR has now entered the Sound Design arena bringing together their experienced producers and musicians from around the world to bring you a plethora of sounds spanning all genres.

Industrial Strenth Records are focused on bringing you the highest quality Sample Packs featuring samples, loops, Construction Kits and the most savage music FX you'll ever hear in audio.

Enduser Breakcore

    ... by Industrial Strength brings this astonishing product. Step aside and let the man come thru. Enduser. Nuff Sai...

    $36.14 USD

    £26.63 GBP

    Radium Frenchcore

      ... by Industrial Strength presents this outstanding pack. If you could pinpoint one man who is responsible for cre...

      $33.87 USD

      £24.96 GBP

      Hybrid Grinder 2.0

        ... by Industrial Strength returns with another heavy duty sound collection. 'Hybrid Grinder 2' contains everything...

        $25.96 USD

        £19.13 GBP

        Industrial Techno Kicks

          ... by Industrial Strength features a set of Kicks geared up and ready for Hard Techno, Dark Room, EBM Techno and I...

          $18.04 USD

          £13.29 GBP


            ... by Industrial Strength is a collection of Fizzy, Hissy, Static and Electric sounds created from the ground up....

            $24.82 USD

            £18.29 GBP

            Hardcore Nuke + Madnezz

              ... by Industrial Strength is a modern collection of Hardcore Audio designed by two serious underground artist to d...

              $31.61 USD

              £23.29 GBP

              Busted Techno

                'Busted Techno' by Industrial Strength is another one of our Broken Beat Techno packs. With a proper sample set des...

                $19.18 USD

                £14.13 GBP

                Hardcore Kicks

                  ... by Industrial Strength brings an amazing selection of sounds that is geared up for Up-Tempo, Industrial, Hardco...

                  $19.18 USD

                  £14.13 GBP

                  Chaotic Synth Pendulate

                    ... by Industrial Strength presents this unique pack. This product features custom Industrial sounds made from the...

                    $6.73 USD

                    £4.96 GBP


                      ... by Industrial Strength is a heavy-duty FX collection from the creator of the Impact. This insane new collection...

                      $18.09 USD

                      £13.33 GBP

                      Uptempo Kicks: Ikaro

                        ... by Industrial Strength presents a set of intense banging Uptempo Kicks and Pucks to gear you up for Hardcore mu...

                        $24.82 USD

                        £18.29 GBP

                        80's Synth Funk

                          ... by Industrial Strength is a trip down memory lane. With inspiration from Labels like West End, Prelude and late...

                          $28.21 USD

                          £20.79 GBP

                          Hard Techno Loops

                            ... by Industrial Strength features Drums Loops, Top Loops, Heavy Kick Drums, One Shots, Fx, Bass, Acid, Noises and...

                            $18.04 USD

                            £13.29 GBP

                            Hybrid Grinder Elements

                              'Hybrid Grinder Elements' by Industrial Strength is jam packed with Heavy Kick Drums, Noise and Effects, plus loads...

                              $18.04 USD

                              £13.29 GBP

                              Micro Tech

                                ... by Industrial Strength is the first pack in a series based on delivering a huge punch at at affordable price....

                                $9 USD

                                £6.63 GBP

                                Hard Techno Kicks

                                  ... by Industrial Strength features 200 fierce Kick-shots to start your track off right. With 200 kicks on offer, t...

                                  $31.61 USD

                                  £23.29 GBP

                                  Nu Disco Soul

                                    ... by Industrial Strength is another Soul infused Nu Disco collection for the modern producer designed by the crea...

                                    $28.21 USD

                                    £20.79 GBP

                                    Raw Kick 7

                                      ... by Industrial Strength presents this pack which is a lucky seven. Lucky for you in fact. This new sound set cov...

                                      $20.3 USD

                                      £14.96 GBP

                                      Ambasador21 Metal Kore

                                        'Ambassador21 Metal Kore' by Industrial Strength brings this astonishing pack. If you seek for the heavy sounds, yo...

                                        $31.61 USD

                                        £23.29 GBP

                                        Raw Serum

                                          ... by Industrial Strength has loaded up all the goodies you need to spice up your production. Sound Designers incl...

                                          $16.91 USD

                                          £12.46 GBP