... is a retro-futuristic collection of modern sounds for Native Instruments FM8. Packed with interstellar arps, warm leads, barbaric bass light-speed synths and more.

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... by Audio Masters features a collection of retro-infused chords, leads, bass, drums and more.

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... includes Synthpop, Electro Pop, New Wave, Synthwave and other beautiful styles of the '80s and '90s.

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... by Audio Masters features a collection of retro-infused instrumentations, combined with an array of unique futu...

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... includes over 300 meticulously sourced claps from various sources including classic drum machines, analogue gro...

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... consists of a vast array of atmospheres, cinematic FX, drones, impacts, rises and suspense-filled ambiences. Th...

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... is an exceptional collection of fully mixed and professionally produced drum stems and kits, using an original ...

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... contains 64 synth presets of ambient pads, funky basses, crispy synth leads and arpeggios inspired by the early...

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... is a powerful toolkit for Synthwave production. These 64 Sylenth presets have that distinct analogue and warm q...

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... contains 60 artistically crafted Serum presets for Synthwave production, ready to be used in Synthpop, New Wave, Retrowave or to add 80s synth textures to any track.

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'Stranger Synths' from Loopmasters is an ambient collection of evolving synth atmospheres from a Grammy Award wi...

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... is a collection of 20 powerful multi-sample rack instruments created from classic synths from across the decades.

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'Designer Linn Drums' from RV Samplepacks bring you the best in electronic sounds with the ultimate source of en...

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Gogoi is back with another retrofied, Cassette-vibe, warm lo-fi, spring inspired preset collection. 'GLO-FI 4' cont...

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... is the definitive analogue acid odyssey, featuring the legendary TB-303 Bassline synthesizer and its many incar...

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