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... by Producer Loops is a trailblazing pack that combines the timeless and iconic sound of the 80s with modern pop...

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Cyberpunk For Spire Bundle

    Mainroom Warehouse is extremely pleased to release 'Cyberpunk Bundle Volumes 1, 2 & 3 For Spire' featuring all thre...

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    The Pop & Vocals Bundle

    • 90% off

    Producer Loops is proud to Release The Black Friday Pop & Vocals Bundle. Get a stellar collection of 5 Pop, Disco,...

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    Retro Wave

      ... delivers 10 nostalgia-driven construction kits for Synthwave and Newpop productions. Awesome beats, melancholic...

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      Vampire Nights

      ... by Producer Loops was inspired by the recent wave of cool Netflix movies. It's a collection of loops and sample...

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      Midnight Synth Funk

        Funky grooves, analogue synth riffs, soulful keys and solid beats – “Midnight Synth Funk” delivers 10 perfect...

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        The Morning After

        ... is the follow up to Gimme That Love. This 900MB pack arguably sets a new standard for the sample industry. With...

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        Prospective for OMNISPHERE

          ... by D-Fused Sounds is a library of 51 presets for the king of the soft synth OMNISPHERE....

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          8-bit Trap

          '8-Bit Trap' was designed to provide Trap producers and computer game composers with an out-of-the-box collection...

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            Feel the power of retro drums, Synths, FX and more with this set of 80s sounding samples and presets that will fit...

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            The Ride

            ... by Producer Loops is a follow up to our bestselling Synthwave R&B pack. It's full of the characteristic retro a...

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            Holograms: Synthwave

            • 50% off

            Blind Audio presents 'Holograms', a deep-dive into modern synthwave & vaporwave music. Washed with a skewed sense o...

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            ... is a ground-breaking new pack featuring vocal hooks by Bromar. In all you get five songs broken down into loops...

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            Magenta Synthwave for Sylenth1

            • 55% off

            Jksound proudly presents 'Magenta' for Sylenth1 synthesizer. 64 high quality presets ready to use in your next Synt...

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            Synthwave Pop

            ... by Producer Loops is a ground-breaking pack that combines the huge uplifting sound of the 80s with modern pop p...

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            Cyberpunk 3 For Spire

            • 30% off

            ... By Mainroom Warehouse features another 128 quality Spire presets, bringing you more up-to-date sounds for your...

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            Synthwave R&B

            ... by Producer Loops is a ground-breaking pack that features the best elements of the past, with the modern R&B tr...

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            Space Invader for Invader 2

            • 45% off

            'Space Invader' by JKSound is a collection of 64 presets for E-phonic Invader 2 synthesizer....

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            80s Retro Pop Bundle (Vols 1-3)

            '80s Retro Pop Bundle Vols 1-3' by Producer Loops is our most successful series of 2020. It was inspired by the rec...

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            Cyber Pop 2027

            • 50% off

            We dive far into the future, the year 2027 to be precise. Artificial intelligence, autonomic cars, robots and the n...

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            80s Retro Pop Vol 3

            ... by Producer Loops concludes this popular series inspired by the recent return of the 80s vibe in today's charts...

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            Synthetik for Diva

            • 30% off

            ... by D-Fused Sounds is a plushy collection of 50 carefully crafted preset for the analogue style softsynth Diva....

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            80s Retro Pop Vol 2

            ... by Producer Loops is inspired by the recent return of the 80s vibe in today's charts, bringing the old school e...

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            80s Synthwave Vibes

              ... from Loops 4 Producers is a classic collection of 80s nostalgic synths, drum machines, with up-to-date producti...

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