... features another 10 superb retro Construction Kits With WAV, MIDI & 22 Spire presets, bringing more nostalgia b...

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    ... invites you to embark on a musical journey back to the heart of the 1980s - where the synth was king, the drums...

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      ... is a retrospective collection of '80s inspired sounds from the era of VHS tape machines, neon clothes and big h...

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        ... is a high voltage collection of supreme analogue sounds, featuring beastly mono synths, angelic string synths a...

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        ... brings you more nostalgia back to the present featuring 10 Construction Kits with WAV, MIDI and Spire presets....

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        You can always count on 80s when inspiration is called for! With this bangin' synthwave pack Function Loops are giv...

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          ... is your personal entrance into the immersive, nostalgic world of analogue synthesis, classic drum machines and...

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            ... brings you back to the golden age of the '80s where flashy suits and supercars ruled the streets. This brillian...

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              ... includes 584 MB of retro-futuristic synth-heavy sounds, taking inspiration from the neon vibes of the '80s and...

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