Grime Ammunition Vol 2

    ... is a heavyweight pack bursting at the seams with upfront instrumental loops and one-shots, atmospheres and reco...

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    £24.95 GBP

    Electro Grime

    • 40% off

    "Electro Grime" features some of the dirtiest Electro House Loops and Samples ever committed to a Sample Pack. I...

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    $9.88 USD

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    London Grime

      ... from Prime Loops features 300 MB+ of high energy UK Grime samples. This 306 MB sample pack is filled with power...

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      Grime Presets

        ... contains 64 of the most peng Massive presets on road. Dark bass tones, filthy distorted kicks, portamento leads...

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        Grime Ammunition

          ... is full of raw energy, aggression and tough rhythms, melodies and sounds. Highly influenced by producers such a...

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          Must Have Audio: Rise And Grime

          • 20% off

          ... features five of the nastiest Grime beats set to take any artist or producer to the top of the charts. Inspired...

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          Future Grime Elements

            Future Loops is proud to present 'Future Grime Elements', a superb collection of over 700 Dubstep & Grime samples a...

            $32.96 USD

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            Grime 2.0

              ... is dark, brooding and hard-hitting and an uncompromising take on the underground sound being pushed by the curr...

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              Gully Grime

                ... is a super fresh set of Grime samples. The genre has been building its way from the streets for now over 15 yea...

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                  ... brings the the sounds of the London underground direct to your DAW. ... is a booty banging audio pack that fuse...

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                  Must Have Audio: New Grime Trap

                  • 20% off

                  ... from Fox Samples is a banging new product featuring five heavy hitting UK Grime Kits ready for any UK or US MC/...

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                  Grime Revival

                    ... is the real deal. An expansive 1.37 GB 24-Bit collection taking in sonic elements from every angle of an explos...

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                    Grime Scene

                      ... is heavily influenced by the biggest Grime producers from recent years. This collection will have the best MCs...

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                      SBTV Presents Dexplicit

                        ... is the latest in Prime Loops' chart-proven artist loops and samples series. Dexplicit's award-winning tunes hav...

                        $21.96 USD

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                        Dubstep & Grime Vocals

                          ... from Dubdrops is a brand new sample pack of vocal lines and hooks to spice up your Dubstep productions. Packed...

                          $26.34 USD

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                          Grime Step 1

                          • 60% off

                          Bunker 8 returns to the fore with 'Grime Step 1', a tour de force of the UK hip hop grime scene. Combining the b...

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                          £7.33 GBP