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Future Pop Vol 3

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Producer Loops

Future Pop Vol 3

'Future Pop Vol 3' is the third volume in this best-selling series of slick & professional Construction Kits created and produced exclusively for Producer Loops. Guaranteed to fuel your next dancefloor hit and packed full of expertly mixed loops and the usual feature set you've come to expect from Producer Loops, this is an unmissable product.

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Product Information

'Future Pop Vol 3' is the third volume in this best-selling series of slick & professional Construction Kits created and produced exclusively for Producer Loops. Guaranteed to fuel your next dancefloor hit and packed full of expertly mixed loops and the usual feature set you've come to expect from Producer Loops, this is an unmissable product.

Within each of the five Construction Kits you'll find deep basslines, pounding drums and breathtaking sidechained pads all topped off with scatterings of dizzying FX, euphoric keys and powerful leads.

'Future Pop Vol 3' combines all of this with accessible radio & dancefloor-ready progressions designed to inspire and fuel your creativity. As with most Producer Loops products, this pack also includes a number of features designed for professional producers. Read on to find out more.

Dry Loops:

All of the loops in 'Future Pop Vol 3' have been skillfully processed and effected, but for the more demanding producer dry versions have also been included allowing you to create your own FX mix and apply your favourite reverbs, delays and more.

FX Tails:

These files allow you to end a musical phrase with the natural decay of the FX applied to it meaning you don't have to abruptly end loops, use fadeouts, or consume DSP processing the dry takes.

MIDI Files:

For those that really like to get under the hood, MIDI files have been included for all melodic phrases allowing you to play them back through your favourite synth, or create new variations to further expand your arrangement.


These non-looping percussive samples are ready to load into your favourite sampler or hardware device allowing you to program your own beats, loops and fills using the same sound set as found in the kits themselves.

ACID/WAV & Apple Loops Support:

All melodic and percussive loops have been tempo and key tagged meaning that they will conform to the speed and pitch of your project in just about any major DAW, including ACID, Apple Loops, Cubase, Garage Band, Logic and more.

Technical Specifications:

• 24-Bit/44.1kHz Audio
• 5 Distinct Construction Kits
• 400 MB of uncompressed content
• One-Shot, FX Tail, Dry loops
• MIDI included
• ACID WAV, Apple Loops, REX and ReFill formats

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Press Reviews

Eagerly awaited is this third Volume in the...

by Dave Colville, Bognor Regis Guardian, February 2013

Eagerly awaited is this third Volume in the Future Pop series and again it's provided by the multi-talented Simon Rudd of The Fliptones fame.

Five packed Construction Kits await your mix and matching, all rumbling along nicely at 128 BPM.

As always, it's so easy to mix and match because you get plenty of different key signatures. This time around you get two sets in Gm and one each in Bm, Em and D, so plenty of scope for your next club hit.

Dip into the folders and you are confronted with the proverbial shedloads of percs, kicks, pianos, sidechained pads, uplifters (including vox uplifters), hoovers, sweeps, FX aplenty, crashes, plucks, claps, synths - you couldn't ask for more!

Each kit also contains a bonus one-shot folder with kicks, claps, snares etc; a welcome addition indeed.

And don't forget the MIDI files will let you plug-in your favourite instrument too for that extra bit of musical flavour.

Fed up of the formulaic fade-out ending or finishing with a crash cymbal or an FX loop? Use the FX tails loops to end the song 'naturally' - the usage of which shows you have taken that little bit of extra care and you've not simply got cheesed off and want to end the track asap!

As always with Producer Loops, the quality is top-notch, so head over to the site now, listen to the audio stream and buy with confidence.
And while you are there, check out the vast array of PL output which mesh seamlessly with each other. What I mean to say is that you are not limited to 'Future Pop' - you can add Mr Rudd's sounds to any genre.

Timestretching upwards or downwards is no problem as the loops are indestructible, so try ramping up a Future Pop bassline to 140 BPM - you'll be well pleased with the inspiration such shenanigans gives you!

As with a lot of things now, like books, music,...

by Serena,, April 2013

As with a lot of things now, like books, music, films etc, you search for them online and as soon as you see something that you want it is much easier to download rather than buy the physical product, so you can use them straight away rather than having to wait a week or so for it to arrive in the post. This is typically the same for sample packs, most companies are now doing digital downloads so you can listen and use your samples straight away, or depending on your internet connection speed, in a couple of hours! This is why it is so important for the quality of samples to be the highest possible as you don’t have any pretty packaging to distract you and this is something that Producer Loops have, as long as I can remember, been dedicated to.

Future Pop Vol 3 is the third volume of the Future Pop series created by Simon Rudd of ‘The Fliptones’. What you can expect from Future Pop Vol 3, as Producer Loops have described, are, ‘accessible radio and dancefloor-ready progressions’. Future Pop Vol 3 contains five core folders each containing the main samples, which are fully produced and processed with effects, along with the dry audio files, FX tails, MIDI files and one shot samples.

Each file is labelled with the key and the samples are, what seems to be the standard Pop/Dance tempo of 128 BPM. What I particularly like is the extra touch that Producer Loops have provided, before delving into the individual folders you can listen to a main mix for each folder so you can hear what all the stems sound like working together.

The key signatures of the five folders are D, Bm, Em and two are Gm. Within the folders you can find some strong snare and synth builds as well as some dramatic crash, sweep and vox reverse effects which could create a massive climax to your track. You can find all of the classic elements to modern pop music in this pack with plucked saw pads, arps, filtered kicks, deep synth and electro bass, pulsating sidechains and an array of percussion.

This is the first sample pack I have come across which includes all of the following; dry audio files, fx tails and MIDI files. The dry loops give you the freedom to add your own effects which I know for a lot of producers is very important as many have their own favourite reverbs or EQs etc. The FX tails are particularly helpful in that they save you time when putting the final touches on a mix. The tails allow you to end a musical phrase or a track smoothly and you won’t have to spend time adding fadeouts, they also allow a track to lead nicely into another, which is handy for DJ’s when mixing tracks.

Recently, I have noticed that companies are starting to include MIDI files in their sample packs which, for me, is exciting. I use a number of preset sounds for my own productions and it takes time creating new melodic phrases and having the raw MIDI files saves so much time and also allows for individuality. One-shots are fairly standard in most sample libraries and are great for creating your own drum kits and loops to make your production stand out.

Although this pack is called Future Pop, all the sounds are very current, commercial pop so if you’re looking for something that will fit in the contemporary music scene then this is it. You can hear for yourself by visiting the Producer Loops website and checking out the demo.

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