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Latin Brasil Beats

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    Latin Brasil Beats

    'Latin Brasil Beats' by Ueberschall is part of the Multitrack Drum Loop Series focused on providing the authentic vibrance and groove of Latin rhythms.

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    'Latin Brasil Beats' by Ueberschall is part of the Multitrack Drum Loop Series focused on providing the authentic vibrance and groove of Latin rhythms. 

    Styles span Samba, Batucada, Calypso, Latin, Maracatu, Bossa Nova, Baile, Funk and more. Layered with a suitable 4-on-the-floor kick, the content also crossovers into Pop and Dance styles. The drum recordings are pristine and the performances full of character, detail and variation. 'Latin Brasil Beats' can provide the perfect rhythmic heart to your next music project.
    Irresistible Latin Grooves
    The library is built from a massive 10 GB of sample data and contains more than 3800 individual loops divided into sixteen performance-based folders. Each folder features multiple parts and plenty of performance variations. You can, therefore, build a complete drum performance with ease. The performances were recorded at tempos ranging between 60 and 140 BPM. With Elastik's high-quality tempo-manipulation algorithms, you have plenty of additional flexibility to find the perfect tempo for your project.
    Choice Of Pre-Mixed Or Multitrack Loops
    The loops are provided into six separate Elastik soundbanks. The first contains loops made of full drum mixes, while the other five contain all the multitrack loops from the same performances. The drum mix soundbank features two different mixes – wet and dry - of each drum performance. The wet mix provides a fully processed stereo mix with effects and ambience and delivers instant results. The dry mix also provides a rapid workflow but allows the user to add their own choice of reverb, etc.
    The multitrack soundbanks contain all the multitrack loops for the same performances. Within each folder, an unprocessed drum mix is provided alongside the separate loops for each mic used during the recording process. These include both inside and outside kick drum mics, snare top and bottom, a hi-hat mic, multiple tom and cymbal mics, while overhead and room mics can be used to add natural ambience. The multitrack versions therefore give you the ultimate control over your drum mix.
    Characterful Performances Full Of Subtle Details
    'Latin Brasil Beats' delivers a substantial collection of irresistible Latin rhythms. It makes a perfect companion for our Batucada and Brasil Nova libraries. With the ease of audio loops, and the control of full multitrack drum recordings, 'Latin Brasil' will get everyone moving to that infectious Latin groove.
    'Multitrack Drum Loop' Series
    Designed to inspire, the 'Multitrack Drum Loop' series combines the workflow advantages of loops with the mix control offered by full, multitracked, drum recordings. Each genre-based title in the series delivers a massive collection of multitracked drum performances with all recordings made in Ueberschall's own dedicated recording studios. Drum and cymbal combinations were selected to match each music style, while top-end preamps and microphones – including matched pairs were required – were used alongside analog compressors and limiters throughout the recording process. Special attention was paid to drum tuning, while some recordings feature distinctive and characterful high or low tuned shells/drum heads. Rare high-quality cymbals and an arsenal of different sticks and mallets which were also used.
    All the drum performances within this series were played by the exceptional drummer Matthias 'Maze' Meusel. Maze's credit list spans recording and live duties with chart-topping artists, TV and theatre work, and tours in over 30 countries world-wide. From smooth to uptempo Jazz, Drum & Bass, Latin, House, Pop, Ballads, Lounge, Downbeat, Easy Listening, Soul, Neo Soul, R&B, Funk, Hip Hop Or Big-Band, Maze is a master of every genre. Whether it's vintage grooves or complex modern beats, he likes to experiment with timings, accents, tunings and unusual sticks and mallets. The results are always unique and always inspiring.
    The titles within the 'Multitrack Drum Loop' series offer loops that cannot be found anywhere else. The quality is always high and, thanks to the advanced time-stretch algorithms built directly into Elastik, users can mix and match across all the loops. The drums can also be detuned using Elastik's powerful pitch-shifting functions with ReTune allowing you to tune your drum performances to your song key and scale if required. With the sophisticated sound design options provided by Elastik, these acoustic drums can also be transformed to suit electronic styles, but always retaining the detailed expression provided by a world-class drummer.
    Product Details:
    • Elastik Soundbank For MAC/WIN - AU/VST/AAX/STANDALONE
    • Elastik Player Included - No Sampler Required!

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