Zero-G is totally dedicated to sampling, sound FX and music production, and make sounds for people who are equally dedicated to music making. Since 1991 they have been one of the world's largest content providers specialising in music samples, virtual instruments and sound effects for today's professional and amateur music producers.

You're In Good Company:

The users of Zero-G products include many of the world's foremost recording artists, producers, session players, remixers, multi-media developers and film composers. The high profile nature of their users' projects means that Zero-G samples are regularly featured in radio and television programmes, major motion pictures, adverts and internet audio, and of course, major artists' record releases.

"With Zero-G you can expect quality" (Sound on Sound magazine, UK).

"This is virtuoso sound design" (Keyboard magazine, USA)

Creative Inspiration never came this fast... Zero-G products are truly unique and are among the most critically-acclaimed in the industry, consistently achieving excellent reviews in leading magazines.

Professional Content Solution:

Zero-G has often produced sounds for major corporations - for example Roland, Yamaha, Akai, Microsoft, Apple, Mixman, and Sony - as well as for Radio, Television, films and major record companies. They can provide an unbeatable library of sounds for use with any sound hardware or software product - including mobile communication products, world-class computer and console games, music production software or web designers' tools, etc. With over 400,000 professional quality audio samples at their disposal, Zero-G can provide efficient and effective sound solutions of the highest quality.

Why Choose Zero-G?

High professional standards and consistent artistic integrity make Zero-G a superb choice when seeking sonic inspiration for your own audio or visual productions, or added value content for your products. Their sound libraries feature a vast array of loops, beats, riffs and rhythms, breaks, hits, chords, tones, ambiences and effects from a mind-boggling array of musical styles and difficult-to-find sources, from the classic, timeless, or exotic, to the very latest dance styles. All were created by dedicated and innovative minds in order to provide new creative inspiration and accelerate the process of modern computer-based music making. Put simply, Zero-G's sample libraries enable musicians, producers and consumers to create cutting-edge music of the highest quality, individuality and integrity.

SIMULACRUM is an amazing collection of musical sounds and special effects by composer and sound desi...

Price $56.49 USD

£45.79 GBP

'Eighties Drums' is a massive sample library of over 13GB of 1980s style drums played by one of the...

Price $69.86 USD

£56.63 GBP

ETHERA GOLD ATLANTIS 2 is an amazing new tool for creating soundtracks, cinematic music, epic music...

Price $92.47 USD

£74.96 GBP

Zero-G Elements Cinematic Rhythms is a brand new Kontakt Instrument for creating contemporary tribal...

Price $82.19 USD

£66.63 GBP

Welcome to Inner Balance - over 4GB of the most sumptuous, ethereal, meditational sounds this side o...

Price $43.13 USD

£34.96 GBP

Zero-G Sahara Beats features alluring and exotic percussive beats and grooves that originate from mi...

Price $43.13 USD

£34.96 GBP

PHAEDRA Redux has been produced by Sam Spacey who also produced the highly-acclaimed Epica and Epica...

Price $58.55 USD

£47.46 GBP

Ethera Gold Atlantis is a Kontakt Instrument for any music requiring Celtic, Fantasy, Medieval and E...

Price $63.69 USD

£51.63 GBP

Modern scoring synth from the creator of the award winning Ethera series Stefano Maccarelli, 'Zero-G...

Price $101.72 USD

£82.46 GBP

'Vintage Electric RnB' by Zero-G presents a collection of Electronic Soul and RnB Dance sounds of th...

Price $35.93 USD

£29.13 GBP

'Impromptu Electric Guitars' by Zero-G is an incredible tool for creating beautiful evolving Cinemat...

Price $58.55 USD

£47.46 GBP

'Epica Redux' by Zero-G has been produced by Sam Spacey who also produced the highly-acclaimed Phaed...

Price $58.55 USD

£47.46 GBP

'STAMINA' by Zero-G is a Kontakt instrument that is designed with the songwriter in mind. In a world...

Price $31.81 USD

£25.79 GBP

'ETHERA Gold Sahara Voices' by Zero-G and Xfonic presents the latest addition to the Ethera Collecti...

Price $54.44 USD

£44.13 GBP

'Impromptu Textural Percussions' by Zero-G is an incredible tool for creating amazingly beautiful, e...

Price $58.55 USD

£47.46 GBP

'Disco House Foundations' by Zero-G is a library based on 32 unique and mesmerising construction kit...

Price $33.87 USD

£27.46 GBP