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Dirty Dubstep: Massive Patches

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    Bunker 8 Digital Labs

    Dirty Dubstep: Massive Patches

    Bunker 8's 'Dirty Dubstep: Massive Patches' includes 150 of the very best dubstep, grime and electro presets available for Native Instrument's Massive Synthesizer.

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    • 150 files

    Product Information

    Bunker 8's 'Dirty Dubstep: Massive Presets' includes 150 of the very best dubstep, grime and electro presets available for Native Instrument's Massive Synthesizer.

    Sigmund Droid, world renowed electro dub step producer was asked to assemble only the pinnacle of his collection of custom massive sounds. Sigmund has taken the time to insure that each and every preset is tweaked specifically for the right amount of grit, wobble, and edge. While most preset collections top out at 100 at the most, Sigmund has included an additional 50 bonus presets for a total of 150 presets for Massive.

    Bunker 8 has been producing preset content for some of the world's top manufacturers of VST instruments. Now, for the first time, an exclusive collection of presets has been made available to the general public. These presets cannot be found elsewhere and will only be released in limited form for a limited time.
    • MAC or Windows PC
    • Latest version of Massive (V 1.1.5 or higher)
    Download Contains:
    • 68 searing edgy bass and sub cutting synths

    • 32 hard edge wobbles, stops and LFO controlled madness

    • 50 dubstep style fx, pads, leads and suspense transits
    Full Patch List:
    • Asperator Wobble 2
    • Asperator Wobble 3
    • Asperator Wobble
    • Atari Man Wobble Me 2
    • Atari Man Wobble Me 3
    • Atari Man Wobble Me
    • Beastly Gutting
    • Bee Boy Wobble
    • Beeble Bot Wobble
    • Big Phat Wobble Bone Grinder
    • Big Phat Wobble Hollow
    • Big Phat Wobble Reflex
    • Big Phat Wobble
    • Birdhouse Hell
    • Bit Breaker Wobble Meek
    • Bit Breaker Wobble Pico Tart
    • Bit Breaker Wobble
    • Bleed Through The Ears
    • Brilliant Wobble
    • Brutal Steam Roller
    • Caustic Wobble
    • Constant Pulsedown
    • Cram it And Stop
    • Creepy and Risky
    • Crystal Wobble 2
    • Crystal Wobble Gut Up
    • Crystal Wobble Oil Can Cascade
    • Crystal Wobble Oil Can
    • Crystal Wobble
    • Cutting Me Softly
    • Dabble Wobble
    • Danger Dill Boobinson
    • Dark Space Matter
    • Deep Dark Secrets
    • Demonic Breather
    • Dipper Dub Wobble
    • DirPrint
    • Draht Bass Whipper
    • Dribble Wobble 1
    • Drop Down Bot
    • Dry Lawns Wobble Grind
    • Dub Steep Drop and Wobble
    • Eeerie Wander Suspense 2
    • Eeerie Wander Suspense 3
    • Eeerie Wander Suspense
    • Eeerie Wander
    • Eerie Wobble
    • Even Control Brutal Whap
    • Evil Cloud
    • Fade of Wilderness Hold
    • Fractal Static
    • Fuck Blipper
    • Fucking with my Brain Cells Split Up
    • Fucking with my Brain Cells
    • Fugazi Wobble
    • Geeble Wobble Dude
    • Ghost Crawl Wobble 2
    • Ghost Crawl Wobble 3
    • Ghost Crawl Wobble
    • Gin Woobler
    • Glibby Dib
    • Go Up and Down
    • Graper Slap Wobble
    • Grit and Grip Wobble
    • Hard Sync and Throb
    • High End Wobble 2
    • High End Wobble Bee Breath
    • High End Wobble Dentist Drill
    • High End Wobble
    • Hold of the Ship Wobble
    • Keep Coming Back for More
    • Kingston Wobble
    • Klaatus Prime Beam Breaker
    • Klaatus Prime Beam
    • Klaatus Prime
    • Liquid Lawnmower
    • Listen to Me Wider
    • Long Grinner and Place it on Me
    • Long Wobble and Down
    • Losing My Connection
    • Lost Space Beam Me Down
    • Lost Space Copter
    • Lost Space Tonal
    • Magnum Dopus Hollow
    • Magnum Dopus
    • Meat Wobble
    • Meet me through the Filter
    • Meet the Greeter Sag Face
    • Menace Wobble Extra Boing
    • Menace Wobble
    • Mental Demon
    • Mike the Beat Wobble
    • Mud Filter Wobble 2
    • Mud Filter Wobble 3
    • Mud Filter Wobble
    • Mugar Wench
    • Mutating Sensor
    • Nam Copter Wobble
    • Napoleon Synergy
    • Nasal Passage Dimple
    • Noise Path Shame
    • Patient Mangler
    • Pissed Of Raver
    • Pitchy Wobble
    • Redneck Wobble 2
    • Redneck Wobble
    • Reznor Nasal Wobble
    • Reznors Filter Saw
    • Rising Wobbler Dancing
    • Rising Wobbler Drowned
    • Rising Wobbler Flangy
    • Rising Wobbler
    • Rotting Flesh Wobble
    • Round About Now
    • Rubber Bouncer Bingo Wobble
    • Screaming Wobble
    • Seismic Anomaly 2
    • Seismic Anomaly 3
    • Seismic Anomaly
    • Shifty Mc Gurk
    • Slow it Down
    • Slow Rise Auto Wobble 2
    • Slow Rise Auto Wobble 3
    • Slow Rise Auto Wobble 4
    • Slow Rise Auto Wobble Blunted
    • Slow Rise Auto Wobble Cavern
    • Slow Rise Auto Wobble
    • Someday My Demon Will Come
    • Sometimes When We Skreech
    • Space Balls
    • Spinal Creeper
    • Stir The Bubbling Cauldron
    • Stop and Shop Wobble
    • Super Sus Wobble
    • Sustained Noise Throb
    • Sweep Thwip Wobble
    • Take my Face and Cram It
    • Tanhauser Gate
    • The Cycle Dog
    • The Final Hurrah'
    • Thesis Water Wobble
    • Tinnitus Pad
    • Trek Beamer Drill
    • Trek Beamer
    • Undersea Lab Suspense
    • Unholy Bartender Brute
    • Victimized
    • Water Saw Wobble
    • Weeping Wobble
    • Wide and Wooly
    • Wobble me Back to Silence
    Greatest Quality Assured:
    These patches have been made by the same world famous producers who brought you "Hitzone 1, 2, 3", "Hybridizer 1, 2, 3," "101 Below," etc. Its like having Sigmund Droid programming your Massive VST right for your project.

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