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Cinetools presents Prank - the funniest SFX library ever made, which includes plenty of sound effects ready to complement your projects from the mood of a frenzied vintage animation scene to jumping jaunty comedy romp, quirky cartoon-style animations to mysterious & playful orchestral fantasy adventure!

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  • 8.89GB (Unzipped)
  • 8 min 7 sec @ 85Mbps
  • 4362 files / Royalty-Free

Product Information

Cinetools presents Prank - the funniest SFX library ever made, which includes plenty of sound effects ready to complement your projects from the mood of a frenzied vintage animation scene to jumping jaunty comedy romp, quirky cartoon-style animations to mysterious & playful orchestral fantasy adventure!

Full of humour and exaggerated action, accented by comical sound effects and silly voices. Features thousands of truly unique sounds ready to give a creative range of options available to animators beyond the visual realm that you won't find anywhere else. This entertaining library contains everything from accents, animations, balloons, boings, bouncing, clangs, farts, horns, motion graphics, pranks, slides, smash & crash, swish & swoosh, synthetics, tones, transitions, twirls, vocals and more... Whether you have a cartoon that you're looking to make more realistic or you just want to use cartoon sound effects, you'll find it all in our catalogue and all are ready to help you to achieve perfect animations!

In detail expect to find +9.5GB of high-quality sounds including 4308 SFX divided into two main folders Designed SFX and Designer Tools. Every sound in the folder is recorded at 24bit / 192kHz, designed and delivered in industry-standard 24bit / 96kHz to ensure the highest quality for today's cinematic production needs. All the sounds in this library are perfectly categorized and labelled to make it easy for you to find them and to speed up your workflow by finding the right elements quickly to evoke a specific emotion you need!

We give you a powerful toolset to design your own unique sounds. Including 3028 sounds recorded a variety of real instruments such as; cello, glockenspiel, harmonica, kazoo, melodica, pan flute, violin and xylophone ideal for using slips, falls, springs and jumps scene. Contains various elements like balloons, bells, horns, toys, two types of whistles referee and slide whistle which is perfect for creating falling and climbing sounds, mechanics, some metal and plastic materials which is gives us perfect wobbling sounds ie, rulers, sticks, hands, spatula etc... And lots of human voices with different actions like burp, choking, chuckle & giggle, fart, gargling, gibberish, laughing, mouth cheek/flaps/plop/pop/shake, quack, slurp, swallow, tongue click, whistle and yawning which are ready to support you to liven up your favourite character noises. If you'd like more creative control, dive into designer tools to create stunning animations from scratch.

Whether you're creating cartoons, animations, comedy movies, games, entertainment videos, or plenty of productions in between, Prank is a perfect library that will push your creative project to the next level! Each sound in this library has just the right punch of comedy to make you smile, even without any visual context. Well check out funny cartoon sound effects today and get a little goofy with us!

Product Details:

• 4308 Files
• 24 Bit / 96kHz (Designed SFX)
• 24 Bit / 192kHz (Designer Tools)
• 1280 Designed SFX
• 0057 Accents
• 0063 Animation
• 0060 Balloons
• 0137 Boings
• 0018 Bouncing
• 0040 Clangs
• 0043 Fart
• 0022 Horns
• 0048 Motion Graphics
• 0141 Pranks
• 0079 Slides
• 0040 Smash & Crash
• 0069 Swish & Swoosh
• 0128 Synthetic
• 0152 Tones
• 0018 Transitions
• 0026 Twirls
• 0139 Vocals
• 3028 Designer Tools
• 0237 Balloon
• 0050 Bell
• 0320 Bonus
• 0202 Horn
• 0814 Human
• 0599 Instruments
• 0068 Mechanics
• 0072 Others
• 0253 Toys
• 0123 Whistle
• 0290 Wobble

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