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Purple Sea

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Kryptic Samples

Purple Sea

'Purple Sea' by Kryptic Samples is a top-notch Vaportrap, Future RnB and Retro 80s style sample collection.

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  • 1.90GB (Unzipped)
  • 2 min 13 sec @ 85Mbps
  • 309 files / Royalty-Free

Product Information

'Purple Sea' by Kryptic Samples is a top-notch Vaportrap, Future RnB and Retro 80s style sample collection.

Inside, you'll find a full-blown list of Trap, Retro/Synthwave and Vaporwave infused samples in both wet and dry versions such as synth loops, feathery piano loops, one-two punch drums loops, chest-pumping 808 bass loops, snares, fire hi-hats, rim shots, cymbals, claps, FX and much more. MIDI files are included, so these samples can be chopped, sliced, stretched, edited, reversed, cut, re-sampled, pitched and arranged to your liking.

Hardware Used:

• Behringer Poly D
• Roland D-50
• Roland JV-880
• Sequential Prophet Rev2

Product Details:

• 5 Construction Kits
• 5 WAV Vaportrap Full Mixes Demos
• 5 WAV Retro 80s Style Music Samples
• 10 MIDI Files Included
• 46 Vapor Sample Loops
• 10 Drum Bus Loops
• 12 Kick Loops
• 14 Snare Loops
• 6 Rim Shot Loops
• 8 Clap Loops
• 26 Hi-Hat Loops
• 8 Open-Hat Loops
• 14 Cymbal Loops
• 4 Perc Loops
• 10 Bass 808 Loops
• 70 Synth Loops (Bass/Bells/Keys/Leads/Pads/Plucks)
• 12 Piano Loops
• 4 String Loops
• 2 Flute Loops
• 2 Harp Loops
• 6 Vox Loops
• 10 Sound Fxs
• 44.1 kHz/24-Bit
• Key & Tempo Labelled

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