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Masterbeat 2.1 Drum Machine

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    Masterbeat 2.1 Drum Machine

    MasterBeat 2.1 Drum Machine incorporates a 16-channel Matrix and Step-Sequencer including VST Plug-in Support and many other features for creating the ultimate drum grooves possible.

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    Product Information

    MasterBeat 2.1 is all you need to create Incredible Drumloops. It incorporates a 16-channel Matrix and Step-Sequencer including VST Plug-in Support and resonance capable filters per track, memorisable filter/EQ settings, extensive Shuffle-Functions and many other features for creating the ultimate grooves possible!!

    MASTERBEAT 2.1 is a true 32-Bit Stand-alone Application that is easy on your resources and supports MME- and Direct-X-Drivers. Depending on the processor type, you can also process the drum sounds using several VST Plug-ins per beat, which opens up incredible possibilities for Groove-Design, that were previously never available! This product is stand alone and can not be used as a VST plug-in although you can load VST plug-ins into the software for effecting individual hits separately.

    Each of the 16 tracks enable you to activate a sound in the 4x4 scheme, very much in the same way as with classic drum machines. Each individual sound can easily be exchanged. Via the Click on the "Library-Folder" you have direct access to about 1000 high class sounds from the clearly arranged " On Board-Library". But you can also import your own sounds in WAV-format (44,1 KHz/16Bit / mono or stereo). Furthermore you have the ability to exchange complete drum kits simply by pushing a button.


    Next to the visual display you have access to acoustic control functions like MUTE and SOLO, very much like you do on a mixer. This is really handy for punching in and out. Just one button and you can mute certain parts of the loop.


    The tracks can be switched as needed from 16 to 32 steps. The switching option of the tracks to a visual bar graph is extremely helpful! This special option is available to you even 6-fold per track and applies to:


    • Volume
    • Pan
    • Distortion
    • Cutoff
    • Resonance
    • Decay


    This is how you can program a dynamic snare break within seconds with the mouse button held down, draw a Pan setting, set time sensitive filter movements, and you have total control of the sounds up to self oscillation or input the most detailed nuances "on the fly". All values are transferred "per step" into the pattern. The creative possibilities are endless.


    Pitch Editor

    For the comfortable input of pitch, i.e. for tuned drums or also for bass lines, you have an additional switch option to the PITCH EDITOR per track. If one of the drum sounds is not quite in tune, shift it to the note you want!


    Besides the previously described options per step you also have access to a respective Global-Parameter-Field per track, again, very much like you do on a mixer. However, this feature exceeds the extent of its normal functions. For each track you can save and use the following parameters separately:



    • Panorama
    • Pitch (+/- 12 Halftones)
    • Distortion (Level- & Threshold Parameter)
    • Decay
    • Delay-Unit (Level, Feedback, Pan, Steps)
    • Ping-Pong-Delay
    • Sample Reverse-Function
    • VST™-Plugin
    • Gain
    • Frequency
    • Q Resonance
    • EQ, Highpass, Lowpass (Switchable)
    • Filter/EQ-Bypass

    MASTERBEAT 2.1 also offers you multiple interfaces to link up with your existing equipment. Set it up to control your Sampler or external drum machine by MIDI. Use the powerful groove functions of Masterbeat, then when your loops are finished, export the MIDI file then Import it back into your favourite sequencer and you will have tight loops that would have taken days to programme in a sequencer.


    MIDI Sync as Slave; receive MIDI Start / Stop / Continue / Clock
    MIDI Sync as Master; transmit MIDI Start/Stop/Continue/Clock
    MIDI File Export: all controllers can be exported
    MIDI File Export: all controllers can be exported

    All important controllers as BPM, Master Volume, selected Channel, Volume, Pan, Pitch, Distortion, Threshold, Delay Lvl, Delay Fbk, Delay Pan can be received and adjusted via MIDI


    I ndividual Drum-Patterns exported as WAV-File (16Bit /44,1 KHz)
    stream / record complete songs as WAV-File (16Bit / 44,1 KHz)
    load / save individual sounds (incl. your own WAV-Files, mono or stereo)
    load / save complete Drum-Kits


    "Bundle" - simultaneous Loading/Saving of Song- and Sound data
    "Song Load/Save" for space conscious saving of true song data i.e. for data exchange over the Internet.


    A free demo is available for download so you can try it out before you purchase. To download the demo please click here!

    HEAR IT!

    MasterBEAT 2.1 is primarily focused on the production of Drum & Percussion Loops and Basslines. However, it´s quite capable of triggering any other type of WAV file including Chords, Licks, Vocals, FX, etc. It is also possible to use masterBEAT as a stand-alone "Song-Machine".

    Demosong 1 aufrufen !
    HOUSE MIND II *- dur. 1:35 min.
    is one of the 10 demosongs, made only with the onboard-options of the 8 track version - no plug-ins used.
    MP3 / 44,1KHz/stereo - 1497 KB

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