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'Zebrasonix' is a preset collection for U-He Zebra 2.5 soft synthesizer created by Jeff Rhodes of Perimeter Sound. From Industrial to Trance to Trip Hop... these are proudly 'digital' sounds for electronic music producers of all kinds.

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'Zebrasonix' is a preset collection for U-He Zebra 2.5 soft synthesizer created by Jeff Rhodes of Perimeter Sound. From Industrial to Trance to Trip Hop... these are proudly 'digital' sounds for electronic music producers of all kinds.

• 177 synth patches with 4 variations each, for a total of 708 sounds
• X/Y controls mapped, modwheel settings, and velocity sensitivity. Performance is Zebrasonix middle name
• Arpeggiator settings for every preset
• Original WAVeforms for most patches
• And 30 bonus Zebrify patches, each with a variation, and X/Y controls and modwheel settings
These synth patches and effects presets are not emulations of classics. They are meant to be original sounds with enough performance controls to give them a bold new life of their own. The velocity sensitivity settings alone will keep them from ever getting static, and when you add the mod wheel, and the X/Y pads, you'll never run out of inspirational new sounds.
It would be nearly impossible to nail down any one kind of genre for this collection. From Industrial to Trance to Trip Hop, these are proudly 'digital' sounds, for electronic music producers of all kinds.
Check the mp3 demos for some examples of how these presets can be used in your music. And if you have purchased any of the 'Ambient Glitch' series of loop/samples I made, or the 'World Tek' loop sample collection (both released through the Producer Loops label) then you have already heard of some of them in action. Most recently, Zebrasonix was used for nearly all of the synth/FX loop samples in the brand new 'Dance Glitch Vol. 1', recently released through Producer Loops as well.
The Zebra software synthesizer offers so many possibilities, that it was difficult to know when to stop tweaking the controls. Hopefully you will find as much depth to these patches as I tried to put into them. Please check out the freebee pack (48 Zebra synth patches and 8 Zebrify effect patches) to get just a small taste of what's going on here. There are no demo limitations or restrictions on the free patches, they are provided so you can try before you buy, my gift to you whether you purchase the full set or not. Now go make some crazy nu music with Zebra! 

Check out the Zebrasonix review from
Special thanks to: 
Michael Cavallo for his help mapping the X/Y controls, and modwheel settings, as well as for the 'Molden' mp3 demo track.
Bill Davies for his great demo mp3, really a wonderful soulful mellow track in it's own right.
Torben Hansen for his aggressive mp3 demo, that really shows off the buzzing digital side of the Zebrasonix collection.
And Ugo for his help with the artwork to represent the Zebrasonix set visually.

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