Perimeter Sound delivers cutting edge royalty-free Acidized Wav and REX loop sample libraries, for use with all Windows and Mac music creating applications. 15 unique titles, including the 3 Pro Sessions sets we originally did for M-Audio. Perimeter Sound also offers a number of synth patch collections for U-he Zebra, and TONE2 Saurus and Firebird. All of the Perimeter Sound products are available for instant download from this website.
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'Synthwave Night Vision' is a collection of 60 patches for the U-he Hive VSTi created in the Synthwave style. Focus...

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EDM or IDM, 'Hive - Tek' has you covered with some familiar but unique sounds for your next track or remix. This se...

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... includes the latest 3 U-He Zebra 2.7 preset collections from Jeff Rhodes of Perimeter Sound/SoundSpice. You rec...

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The 'Perimeter Complete Collection' from Perimeter Sound is a mega download that contains 7GB of ACIDized.wav and R...

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... from Perimeter Sound Arts features 238 new patches for the Zebra V2.7 VSTi. If you are looking for cutting edge...

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The Bio-Mechanic Beats series from Perimeter Sound Arts returns with a whole new batch of live and programmed beats...

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... from Perimeter Sound Arts features 200 of the hottest patches available for the TONE2 Firebird+ software synthe...

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... from Perimeter Sound Arts presents more of that authentic and synthesized ethnic-world sound. This pack feature...

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... from Perimeter Sound contains the content from the entire Kunundrum trilogy, Vol 1, 2 & 3, over 1/2 a gig each....

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... from Perimeter Sound is the latest in the series. It features more of the familiar beats, percussion, basslines...

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... is a bundle that includes all 3 Zebra 2.5 preset collections from Jeff Rhodes of Perimeter Sound. You'll get 41...

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... is a preset collection for U-He Zebra 2.5 soft synthesizer created by Jeff Rhodes of Perimeter Sound. This soun...

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