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Analogue Synthesis (Multi-Format)

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    Prime Loops

    Analogue Synthesis (Multi-Format)

    If you are looking for the definitive collection of phat & classic Analogue Synth Samples – here it is. Analogue Synthesis is a world-class selection of the finest Analogue Synth Sounds around.

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    • 1605 files

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    Here we are introducing sounds from our ‘Top 50’ sought after synths, these include legendary synthesizers such as the Roland Alpha Juno, Roland Juno-106, Roland MKS-10, Polyvox, Korg Mono/Poly, Korg Poly-800 and many others, this release is your personal analogue synthesizer assistant.


    With the rise of VST, and mediocre softsynth emulations of analogue sounds, many tracks are found to be lacking the full-bodied warmth that analogue synthesizers give. Those seeking a more authentic feel to their tracks will notice the difference when applying this collection to the mix.

    Weighing in at over 1.1GB, each of the 590 Multi-Samples has been recorded with great attention to detail and presented in pristine 24-Bit audio. No extra effects or processing have been added to the samples to fully preserve their natural warmth as they were intended to sound.

    Inside, you will find a stunning selection of powerful sounds such as Classic Basses, Cutting Synths, Sweeping Pads, Rich Chords and Solid Stabs covering the full spectrum, and each sound hand been hand picked as a classic having been used on countless hits.

    If you are looking for a no frills, solid collection of Analogue synth sounds, this release will deliver what you are looking for.


    Reason Refill Version

    You can also buy the Analogue Synthesis Reason Refill here.

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