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Sunny Lax: Modern Trance Vol 2

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Producer Loops

Sunny Lax: Modern Trance Vol 2

'Sunny Lax: Modern Trance Vol 2' raises the bar yet again with another 10 Construction Kits of epic proportions (4 GB Total). Expert production, radio-ready melodies and hooks, and a professional feature set make this an essential addition to your Producer Loops library. In no less than 10 Kits you'll find euphoric melodies, deep chord progressions and climatic builds. Sidechained pads give way to pounding drums and basslines. Includes MIDI files.

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Download Details

  • 4.01GB (Unzipped)
  • 32 min 41 sec @ 16mbs
  • 1413 files

Product Information

'Sunny Lax: Modern Trance Vol 2' raises the bar yet again with another 10 Construction Kits of epic proportions (4 GB Total). Expert production, radio-ready melodies and hooks, and a professional feature set make this an essential addition to your Producer Loops library. In no less than 10 Kits you'll find euphoric melodies, deep chord progressions and climatic builds. Sidechained pads give way to pounding drums and basslines. Includes MIDI files..

Each Kit has its own distinct mood, but thanks to the intuitive file naming and key/tempo metadata embedded in the files they can be used with each other and with your other Producer Loops titles with no trouble at all.

White noise washes, groovy top loops, side-chained pads, synth leads and funky basslines are all included in over 700 audio and MIDI loops, and all files have been mixed and mastered to the highest quality.

This pack also includes the usual great features for professional producers that you've come to expect from Producer Loops.

Dry and Wet Loops:

Each loop is supplied in both dry and wet versions, meaning you can either use the effect mix heard in the demo files, or apply your own effects to the dry signal to create an entirely new sound.

Unlooped Riffs:

These FX Tail files contain the decay portion of the wet loops, allowing you to end a phrase naturally without having to resort to fade outs or using up your DSP on custom reverbs and delays.


These non-looped samples contain the percussive and FX samples heard in the Kit demos, allowing you to program new rhythms and breaks to compliment the included rhythms.

MIDI Files:

For those that want to really get under the hood, 'Sunny Lax: Modern Trance Vol 2' includes a number of MIDI files allowing you to use your favourite synths and samplers with the melodic phrases found in the Kits, or to create new variations on the melodies and chord progressions.

About The Producer:

Levente Márton, surely better known as Sunny Lax, was born in Romania but has been living in Hungary since he was four years old. As a young thirteen-year-old Levente was a keen enthusiast when it came to making Electronic music, and it was only a matter of time before the hobby that was to become a full-time profession.

Soon he had gained all the experience necessary to employ the latest production techniques that he is now famous for.

Sunny Lax the artist entered the Progressive circuit with releases entered in two major Hungarian remix competitions and his first success came in 2005 after he sent his new track "Puma" to one of the infamous Dance labels, Anjunabeats.

The trio Above & Beyond were so taken aback by his demo that they played the record for weeks on end (and didn't waste any time signing him up). As a result, his first EP was released and within a short time he received the full backing of all the key players on the scene, including the world's No. 1 DJ Armin van Buuren, who made "Puma" the Record Of The Week and featured it on his legendary ASOT Yearmix Album for 2005.

Driven by the success of these records Levente soon started receiving remix requests from almost every major label in the Dance music scene, averaging almost a mix a month. In addition to this, his sets have featured on major radio networks, and he has been asked to play at many key clubs around the world. But most importantly, and the thing that has continued to drive him, has been the overwhelming support from his fans, and for Levente, this is what makes it all worthwhile.

Levente has gone onto create Trance anthems including "Blue Bird", "Elda", "Miquë" and "Misgrey", and continued to work with key labels, such as Anjunabeats, Mondo, AVA Recordings and Deep Blue. At the same time he has continued to remix for all the biggest labels, and for leading artists on the scene, such as Above & Beyond, Darren Tate, Lange, Anhken, Daniel Kandi and Nitrous Oxide.

Levente is currently hard at work in the studio working on his first major album.

Technical Specifications:

• 10 Powerful Construction Kits

• 64 MIDI files containing melodic data

• Over 500 expertly mixed loops

• Over 80 original one-shot percussive samples

• Dry, wet and unlooped versions for flexibility

• 24-Bit uncompressed audio for pristine quality and excellent headroom

License Agreement

Press Reviews

There's no insult nor injury intended to any...

by Dave Colville, May 2013

There's no insult nor injury intended to any other Producer Loops release of 2013 but this has to be, no, IT IS, the BEST of the year so far! Yes, it's that good, it's that ace, it's that, well, SUPERB.

No fewer than 4.1 gigs of amazing content that will churn your DAW into digital butter full of cream!

You get 10 kits full of loops, MIDI files, unlooped riffs and one-shots from leads, plucks, banging bass, chords, fills, drums, perc, piano, filtered leads, FX - the whole gamut of sounds to make your tracks stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

Dry and wet loops plus 'unlooped riffs' so you can 'end naturally' - the works.

They come in tempos of 128, 130, 132 and 136 BPM so can easily be zonked up to 140 or down to 120 without any loss of quality, and of course it's that ability which allows you to use these sounds in a cross-breed of genres. Simples!

I consider key-labelling to be a major factor in how good the quality of samples is. It's so easy to slap out a library of sounds without that info but it's hard work if you are just a 'bedroom producer' and want to mix and match without having to listen to various basslines or lead lines just to find the right key to match other bits of your sound libraries. So this is where yet another round of applause is due to Producer Loops as this pack contains key signatures.

In this vast collection you have F#, D#, D, G, A#, A and C - so you get plenty of variety.

A faultless collection in every sense and dare I say it? ROLL ON VOLUME THREE!!!

Sample packs and construction kits are...

by R. Garcia,, June 2013

Sample packs and construction kits are now a ubiquitous part of the electronic music scene. Ever since the personal computer became a mainstay of the recording studio, composers and producers have been finding ways to delegate more of their traditional hardware tasks (such as sampling and synthesis) to their PC’s and laptops. Therefore, it seems only logical that as technology moves forward and hardware shrinks, that we find ways to fill our ever-growing storage devices with a cornucopia of sampled instruments, patterns, loops and the like.

One such collection is Sunny Lax: Modern Trance Vol 2, which recently found its way to my workstation. Right out of the gate I found this to be a collection of very clean, well executed, albeit unremarkable, sound loops in the typical 125-135 bpm range. The 2.8 Gigabyte collection of .wav sounds includes 10 full kits of dry and effected loops organized by instrument, unlooped riffs and a range of “one shots” and variations that any good construction kit should include. All of the folders are well labelled and easy to navigate from most DAW’s or sequencing software.

While I am admittedly not a consumer or producer of trance music, I found this collection to have great value beyond its intended genre. Many of the synth lines, bass and drum loops I loaded into my software samplers were able to be manipulated to great effect and I was able to sculpt some pretty “left-field” sounds by using these loops as a starting point. Again, the quality of the samples is very high. The neatness of the archives made for a lot of on-the-fly fun when improvising in Ableton Live. When I loaded a single kit into Adobe Audition, I was able to construct a complete track in about an hour.

In summary, I believe this collection is worth having, based solely on the quality of the source material. However, it would be of extra benefit to digital DJ’s and remixers working in the Trance genre. The clips are neat and tidy and could be integrated into an existing DJ set or remix with little or no effort. The inclusion of dry and effected clips is a huge plus and the riffs and one-shots are handy to have for triggering from a MIDI controller. Tools like this construction kit are invaluable for beginners, but also quite useful to intermediate and professional producers that will seek to re-invent the sounds in their own compositions.

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