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Symphonic Series Vol 3: Epic Action 1

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Symphonic Series Vol 3: Epic Action 1

'Symphonic Series Vol 3: Epic Action 1' delivers the massive, epic sounds of action movie soundtracks from both modern days and the Hollywood Golden Era over five breath-takingly original compositions and a HUGE 4.9 GB of content! It was composed and produced by Stern Muzik, bringing their extraordinary talent, vision, and attention-to-detail to this exceptional pack. Audio and MIDI loops are included alongside full arrangements for your sequencer, in OMF format.

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  • 5.93GB (Unzipped)
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  • 1831 files / Royalty-Free

Product Information

'Symphonic Series Vol 3: Epic Action 1' delivers the massive, epic sounds of action movie soundtracks from both modern days and the Hollywood Golden Era over five breath-takingly original compositions and a HUGE 4.9 GB of content! It was composed and produced by Stern Muzik, bringing their extraordinary talent, vision, and attention-to-detail to this exceptional pack. Audio and MIDI loops are included alongside full arrangements for your sequencer, in OMF format.

All of the amazing live instruments found in a symphony orchestra are included in this epic pack, alongside percussions. All loops and phrases feature "solo" performances for maximum authenticity:
Violins, Violas, Cellos, Double Basses, Harp
Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon, Contrabassoon
Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Tuba
Piano, Xylophone, Tiki-tiki, Timpani, Metals, Cymbal, Gong, Snare, Toms, Bass Drum
Free Demo Loops:
How would you like to check out this product before you buy? Well, we've put together a Free Pack including 10 loops from this product, in WAV format. You can download this pack here. Please note, there are thousands of files in this product, so this pack represents a very small amount of the full product, which includes 4.9 GB of content.
ACID WAV / Apple Loops Versions:
Due to the complex time signatures present in 'Symphonic Series Vol 3: Epic Action 1', we regret it has not been possible to provide ACID Loops or Apple Loops files for this product. However, the 24-bit WAV version is included and we can confirm that ACIDized WAV and Apple Loops versions are available for Volumes 1 and 2 of this series.
About Stern Muzik:
Alongside their work producing sample media exclusively for Producer Loops Limited, Stern Muzik also produces soundtracks for film, television, games and multimedia applications. They combine a deep knowledge of music, from the more traditional classical styles to more contemporary styles. With many films and musical projects scored, Stern Muzik has the experience, knowledge and emotional depth to surpass the quality of previously released orchestral and cinematic loop-based products. We are proud to work Stern Muzik on the Symphonic series, which is a large series of products dedicated to orchestral-based musical styles.
About the Symphonic Series:
The "Symphonic Series" paves the way for producers and composers of all standards to incorporate highly innovative and natural-sounding orchestral loops into their work. This series will eventually cover a multitude of different orchestral styles, and is focused on "authenticity". Watch this space as we have many more exciting titles coming soon...
Who is this product for?
'Symphonic Series Vol 3: Epic Action 1' is not just an immensely useful and inspirational tool for soundtrack, game and film composers, it goes far beyond this and is useful for producers of all styles. For example, anyone wanting to add some epic sound to their music will find outstanding inspiration here.
Hip Hop producers and Dance producers can import the OMF files into their favorite DAW or sequencer, find a hot spot, then set the locators and start working on a beat. Ambient artists may want to loop a woodwind section, pitch it down at least 2 octaves and start mixing this with time-stretched double bass notes. The possibilities are limited only by your own imagination. If in doubt, download the free pack to play around with some of the loops before you buy.
Using the MIDI files:
Want to use the exact notes of a phrase while adding some patches from your favourite synth? No problem. Thanks to our clear file-naming system you won't need more than a couple of seconds to locate and import the MIDI file representing the notes of your favourite phrase. Output the MIDI loop
through your own synth, and come up with some incredible new ideas.
About using the OMF files:
OMF format (Open Media Format) allows you to import a complete arrangement of audio loops into virtually any sequencer. Once loaded, you will see all parts on screen exactly as originally seen when exported, with chunks of audio data on separate tracks, all named by instrument. This format will allow you complete flexibility when re-mixing the arrangements.
Dry loops were used when building the OMF files so feel free to add your own reverb and/or favourite FX to a phrase, a loop or a fully orchestrated fragment. All clips (phrases, loops) carry the same name as the dry and wet loops as well as the MIDI loops which you will find in the folder structure.
By muting or soloing tracks while looping a specific section, you will soon find the exact combination of instruments you want to use for your project. Keep in mind that it might be best to use the same file-naming system when exporting your favourite sections as you may want to add or change things at a later point in your creative proces.
Please note, the OMF files sum up all volumes of the individual tracks while all faders are set to 0 db. Therefore, please set the master fader to around -7 db to avoid clipping and take it from there.
List of Sequencers with OMF Import:
Here is a list of all sequencers that will import the full arrangements of these kits in audio format. When you import these arrangements you will be able to see them in your sequencer as if you had recorded them yourself:
• AudioDesk
• Cubase
• Digital Performer
• Logic Pro
• Logic Studio
• Nuendo
• Pro Tools
• Pyramix
• Sadie
• Samplitude
• Sonar
• Soundtrack Pro
Using these OMF arrangements you will be able to (i) Re-arrange them as desired (ii) Learn how this music was put together.
Time Signatures:
Since most of action cues for film are in irregular time signatures and also changes of time signatures happen in a certain moments during the cue, we also used such devices in certain kits.
• Kit 1: Action In Your Face = bars 1-51 7/8, bar 52 5/8, bars 53-99 7/8
• Kit 2: Star Odyssey = whole track in 2/4
• Kit 3: Be Proud = whole track in 4/4
• Kit 4: Eye Of Evil = bars 1-3 4/4, bar 4 2/4, bars 5-31 4/4, bar 32 3/4, bars 33-65 4/4
• Kit 5: Treasure Quest = whole track in 6/8
Keys Used:
All of the kits except the first one use standard major and minor keys. The first kit uses Octatonic scale which is widely used in soundtracks for action scenes in film. Please note that Google will bring you to detailed information on the keys we have been using.
Comprehensive List of Keys used:
• Kit 1: Action In Your Face = D Octatonic
• Kit 2: Star Odyssey = D Major
• Kit 3: Be Proud = A Minor, C Minor
• Kit 4: Eye Of Evil = C Minor
• Kit 5: Treasure Quest = C Major
Product Specifications:
• 5 Construction Kits containing audio loops and MIDI loops representing musical phrases
• All audio loops are dry (no FX) and the same loops are also available with reverb (tail loops). All in 24-Bit, 44.1 kHz sample rate
• 5 OMF files containing the exact arrangements of the tracks are provided, so you can import the full arrangements into all sequencers which support this format. These files are great to be used as reference files and to export small sections you pick out yourself while having the opportunity to make your own mix before you start exporting. This format is also great for DJ's and sound designers.
• All loops are royalty-free to those who have purchased the product. "Commercial use" of the five original compositions "exactly as they are in the demos" is forbidden, though. One has to make "new music" using our loops to act in accordance with our license agreement.
Wet/Dry Loops:
Wet and dry versions of each loop are included so you can choose whether you want to work with the processed or unprocessed loops. If you want to add your own FX, no problem, simply load up the "dry" loop and get processing! Key and tempo have been tagged into filenames for ease-of-use.
How to Order 'Symphonic Series Vol 3: Epic Action 1':
Simply click "BUY NOW" at the top of this page then choose the format you would like to purchase, then enter your details and send payment via PayPal or Credit Card. Your Download Link will be emailed to you immediately after your payment has been received.

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