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Degrees of Abstract

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    Degrees of Abstract

    Degrees of Abstract features 2 GB of sounds that will take you on a panoramic journey into a fantastic world of sound. Get ready to enter a whole new soundscape of weirdness, innovation and mind-opening inspiration.

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    • 2.47GB (Unzipped)
    • 19 min 6 sec @ 16mbs
    • 6097 files

    Product Information

    Zero-G Degrees of Abstract features 2 GB of sounds that will take you on a panoramic journey into a fantastic world of sound. Get ready to enter a whole new soundscape of weirdness, innovation and mind-opening inspiration.


    Some elements you discover on the way may sound familiar; this is because Zero-G have taken inspiration from many genres and styles and tried to give them an experimental twist. If you like the music released by labels such as Warp Recordings, Planet Mu and Ninja Tune etc, we think you are going to love this sample library.


    Detailed Description


    Zero-G have aimed to keep the content experimental and cutting-edge and perhaps a little weird, but at the same time fully usable and adaptive to all styles of music. If you are a producer for auditory or visual media you will find plenty of material ideal for radio, television and film scores.

    We think you will find the content very varied indeed - manic beats, chilled out pads, disturbing SFX, serene vocals, futuristic synths, gentle guitars and a whole lot more!

    This library is your first-class ticket to great sounds - which doesn't by any means promise a comfortable, safe or banal journey; but what you can expect is an exhilarating and erratic tour of the world of abstract!



    • 40 x Full Construction Kits
    • 215 x Breakbeats / Drum Loops
    • 165 x FX Presets and FX loops
    • 170 x Percussion & Drum Kit Sounds
    • 128 x Synths loops and Pads
    • 80 x Bass Loops
    • 25 x Guitar Loops Presets
    • 35 x Vocal loops...and much, much more!



    This fantastic library comes in multiple formats that should suit every music producer:


    • Acid™WAV
    • Stylus RMX™
    • Rex2
    • Kontakt
    • EXS24
    • HALion


    Data Structure:


    • 530 x REX2 files
    • 1350 x Acidized WAV files
    • 1250 x EXS24 Instruments
    • 1250 x HALion Instruments
    • 1250 x Kontakt Instruments
    • 2GB of sounds


    Download Size:


    This is a very large product (approx 2 GB) so it has been split into 7 separate downloadable zip files. After purchase you will be taken to a page where you can download all seven parts, and you will also receive an email with the download links.

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    Press Reviews

    Zero-G's Degrees of Abstract is a multi format...

    by Sound On Sound Magazine, UK

    Zero-G's Degrees of Abstract is a multi format sample library that is dominated by loops, with some 2GB of sample material spear over approximately 1300 files. I auditioned the material via Acid Pro 6. As might be guessed from the title, producers Dave and Nic Highham are aiming the library somewhat left-of-centre and, while there is plenty of dance friendly material, there is also plenty of processed weirdness. The WAV material is spilt into two evenly sized sections - a group of some 40 construction kits and a collection of individual loops, which span bass, drums, FX, guitar, synth and vocal sounds.

    The construction kits give a good flavour of what the whole library is about. Within each of these are a dozen or more individual loops from which an arrangement can be built. With one exception, the original tempos span 70 to 130bpm. The styles of the kits vary. For a chilled vibe - "summer in winter" hits the mark with a couple of mellow guitar loops hat are almost in Mike Oldfield territory. In Contrast, "Back Street Left" is much darker and could be taken down either a Nine Inch Nails or an aggressive Hip Hop Route. The "Breeze In My Head" kit is a sort of 'classical chill out with beats' crossover, and I could easily imagine an arrangement based on these loops working in an advertising context. Other kits stray into areas such as RnB or techno, so a fairly broad music range is covered, but in most cases there are a couple of loops that can give the kit a quirky feel.

    The 600+ loops outside the construction kits cover the same broad musical territory. The 'Beats' folder contains a good collection of drum loops organised by original recording tempo. While some acoustic kits are used, in the main these are electronic and processed sounds, and there is lots to interest industrial hip-hop, RnB or dance producers looking for something a little unconventional.

    While there are some useful bass and guitar loops, the best of the rest are the folders of synth loops and vocals. The synths cover a very broad range of styles, from filmic soundscapes through pads, into some analogue arpeggio loops - nothing drastically new, but there is plenty of character all the same.

    While there are not huge numbers of vocals, the female vocals are excellent. Many of these have an 'eastern' feel and could easily be used as vocal hooks in instrument arrangements.

    In some ways, Degrees of Abstract covers similar territory to the Bill Laswell loop libraries available from Sony and, like those libraries, manages to strike a good balance between being very usable and containing enough weirdness to give some edge. There is certainly nothing to criticise here in terms of audio quality and, given the sheer volume of content Zero-G are also offering excellent value for money.

    Rated: FIVE STARS out of 5


    by REMIX Magazine, USA

    As a bit of a mad scientist sound designer at heart, this is my kind of library. From the same creative folks who brought us Outer Limits comes another 2 GB DVD packed with more than 1,350 of the craziest yet musically inspiring samples this side of Ninja Tune's private vaults.

    Listening to any of the 40 construction kits on this disc is like taking a magic carpet ride through some subliminal virtual soundscape of weirdness; beats morph with textures, textures morph with timbres and timbres belie their origins. Taking inspiration from many genres and styles, producers Dave and Nic Higham have assembled electro and hip-hop beats row by row in an experiment of vinyl resourcing that can span countless musical styles and moods.

    Starting around 70 bpm, the Summer in Winter kit combines a highly percussive plectrum guitar with loops of reverb-drenched synthetic raindrops, an Asian-inspired classroom toy piano, reversed strings and ethnic female vocals. Stepping up to 90 bpm, Hidden Files includes a flickering groove box and soft-funk beat twined with vacant industrial noise, gorgeous backward synth arpeggios, broken radio frequencies and orchestral brass and percussion. Approaching 130 to 175 bpm, things become much more manic but still with an underlying vibe of chilled disturbia. Additional bass loops (acoustic, distorted, electronic and sub) inhabit the 80 to 160 bpm range in increments of 10 ticks. That folder also contains extra drum hits, effects hits and loops, guitar effects, synth and ethereal world vocals. Degrees of Abstract is what Toronto's IboSonic might classify as "sentimentronica", or music for urban romantic retro-futurists.

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