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Nu Jointz

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    Nu Jointz

    'Nu Jointz' is the long awaited sample library by New York producer/musician Vinnie Zummo who created the multi KEY BUY AWARD-winning Zero-G NY Cutz series. Over 1 GB of world-class Construction Kits, loops & samples.

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    'Nu Jointz' is the long awaited sample library by New York producer/musician Vinnie Zummo who created the multi KEY BUY AWARD-winning Zero-G NY Cutz series. Over 1 GB of world-class Construction Kits, loops & samples.


    Includes a wide selection of Construction Kits and hundreds of new "fonky buttah loopz" including fuzz bass, akoustic bass, stank piano, "frequency" loops, "old recordz", "lounge recordz", intros & breaks, individual drum samples, skank guitar licks, funky trombone licks, muted trumpet licks, and a brand new tip, the totally madd "Bass In Da' Room Next Door" (just what it sounds like) plus lots more insanity in that Bitin' NY Cutz flavah than we have room to mention here. Over 1GB of new flavah!


    If you're tired of those "lame ass kokonut loopz" that are out there, check out Nu Jointz, and bring some NYC stylin' to your next track.




    • Kontakt
    • WAV

    Note for users of NI Kontakt or NI Intakt:

    The loops have been set up in the (.nki - NI Kontakt-Intakt-compatible) instrument patches so that they can be automatically synced to tempo, either via the Beat Machine or the Time Machine. When used with Kontakt's Beat Machine the loops are divided into their individual hits (slices) which means they can be played at a wide range of tempos without any change in pitch.


    It also allows you to give each hit individual settings for pitch, playback direction, pitch envelope, amp envelope, distortion, delay, and more; a MIDI file of each loop can be exported so that groove, accent, and feel can be manipulated in any host sequencer. Kontakt's Time Machine can time-stretch or compress the loops in real time.


    Large Download


    As this library is so large (over 1 GB) it has been divided into two separate parts. After purchase, you will be directed to the download page where you will find two separate download links. Be sure to download both parts. Part 1 is 412MB, part 2 is 365MB. The size of the whole library when expanded from the two .zip files is 1016 MB.

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    Press Reviews

    In contrast to the Afrolatin Slam...

    by Sound On Sound Magazine, UK

    In contrast to the Afrolatin Slam ProSamples Platinum title, Zero-G's hip-hop-inspired Nu Jointz library makes better use of the construction kit possibilities of Intakt. With about a Gigabyte of sample data, there is a good range of downtempo loops featuring drums, electric and acoustic bass, guitars, piano, turntable scratches and even the occasional trombone loop for good measure. The preset instruments are clearly organised into a number of categories such as 'Construction Kits', 'Drum Loopz', 'Instrumentz', 'Single Hitz' and 'Bitz N Pieces', which, aside from rather too many 'z's, make it very easy to get at what you might want to audition.

    The material itself is quite gritty, so this is definitely hip-hop territory rather than R&B. In particular, the drum loops, many of which have had some lo-fi processing applied, would sit quite happily within some of the less cheery contemporary hip-hop and rap-based tracks around the charts at present. The majority of the drum loop presets include two or more loops mapped in various ways across the keyboard and this does make it easy to mix and match between each small collection of loops.

    The construction kits, of which there are over 40, take this a little further. Most of these include a variety of drum, percussion and instrument loops with the occasional sample or three thrown in for good measure. In many of them, a 'master' loop is included to illustrate one way in which the individual loops might be put together. However, as with the Wired ProSamples Platinum title, the fun is in triggering the loops from a keyboard, and just experimenting to see what can be created. While some of the kits work better than others, it is easy to see how a complete bed could be created from the loops provided and, by running two instances of Intakt, I was easily able to piece together a pair of the construction kits for further variety. If I could just invite Eminem around for a couple of hours to supply a top line.....Whatever your views might be on music by construction kit, the way the Nu Jointz library has been implemented with Intakt certainly makes it easy and adds a certain creative element.

    Plug-in Sample-Players ("ROMplers") bear...

    by KEYS magazine, Germany

    Plug-in Sample-Players ("ROMplers") bear some advantages compared to usual Sample-CDs: the Sounds are already mapped, so that the players can immediately can play them and also manipulate and shape the sound). And in the case of the NI-Intakt-Engine, which we have here, the possibilites are quite versatile.

    But first, the sounds: Nu Jointz is the third part of the NY- Cutz series. Like its predecessors, you'll get a whole lot of kits, loops and drums, but playable instruments are not included. The kits are extensive and offer several loops of drums, instruments and effect sounds. The heavy alien and electronic sounds especially stand out. The additional, separate drumloops also are strongly manipulated and often bear a LoFi-character. Just as with the single-drums, you hardly find "normal" sounds. Thus they differ well from the mainstream, but also they are not as universal in usage. For the FX- and Background-Sounds they were even more brave and completely put those through the shredder. This makes allowance for the sound development in the Black-Music field, where massive changes are happening after years of stagnation.

    The harsh sound character is supported by the functions of the Intakt-Player. The post productions range from Bit/Sampling rates via distortion and delay to Multimode filters with its typical reactor-sound, which can be modelled with envelope, envelope follower and synchronizable LFO. Interesting for working with loops are the granular abilities of the Intakt-engine. The sounds can be varied in pitch and tempo nearly arbitrarily, though with the effect of some artefacts on the sound. Nevertheless this flexibilty is the big advantage of Nu Jointz.

    Nu Jointz offers 1.3 GB of very specific sounds with its own engine and are not only suitable for HipHop productions. With its flexible possibilities, ease of handling and expressive Loops, Nu Jointz can be recommended particularly for producers keen on experimenting.

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