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Rhythm Organism

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Rhythm Organism

'Rhythm Organism' from Zero-G includes over 800 samples of amazing electronic didgeridoo loops and single hits from the master, Charlie McMahon. Inspiration for many different music styles from hiphop to techno, trance, electronic music, jazz, swing pop and more.

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Product Information

'Rhythm Organism' from Zero-G includes over 800 samples of amazing electronic didgeridoo loops and single hits from the master, Charlie McMahon. Inspiration for many different music styles from hiphop to techno, trance, electronic music, jazz, swing pop and more.


Charlie has been a master of the didgeridoo from an early age and is one of Australia's most acclaimed players. From traditional style didj's through to Seismic Face Bass and the newly launched Didjeribone (Sliding Didj), he has always pushed the barriers of musical sounds, blending driving rhythms with an outback ambience. "A stranger variety of sonic textures than you might expect... flexible and inspiring" (Computer Music, UK). "Rated 9 out of 10" (Future Music, UK).


About Charlie McMahon:

Charlie has played on soundtracks for the films; Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Mad Max and The Bear. He has recorded and performed with Snakefinger, Janes Addiction, Def FX, Carlos Peron, Condo Ima, Keith Urban, Midnight Oil, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and many others....

Included Formats:


This fantastic library comes in multiple formats that should suit every music producer. Formats supported include:

Acid™ WAV
Apple Loops
Stylus RMX™
Reason Refill


600 REX2 files
800 Acidized WAV files
800 Apple Loops
Seismic Face Bass Grooves
Wood Grooves
Slide Grooves
One Shots for effects and drums
Special Combinator effects

License Agreement

Press Reviews

"While it can hardly be hailed as the...

by Computer Music Magazine (UK)

"While it can hardly be hailed as the most melodic instrument, this disc proves that the didgeridoo has a lot to offer as far as character and rhythmic potential go. There are over 800 samples here, exhibiting a stranger variety of sonic textures than you might expect, from springy stabs to screechy sweeps and bizarre effects, via deep, wallowing pads.

Some of the keys and tempos are incorrectly labelled, but taking into account the flexible and inspiring nature of the sounds, we’ll overlook that in this case."

"Charlie McMahon is one of Australia’s...

by Music Tech Magazine (UK)

"Charlie McMahon is one of Australia’s most acclaimed didgeridoo players, whose work has featured on soundtracks to Priscilla Queen of the Desert and Mad Max. He’s also performed with Snakefinger, Jane’s Addiction and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. A true master of the instrument, Charlie has invented new playing techniques and designs, such as the sliding-pitch didjeribone and the intriguingly titled Seismic Face Bass, both of which can be found here.

The library comprises 1.3GB of samples in Apple Loops, ACID WAV, REX2 and Reason ReFill formats, totalling around 450MB of material recorded at 24-bit, 44.1kHz resolution. The samples are mostly loop-based and played in numerous styles and tempos on the various didgeridoos. There are also some individual hits and several pitched collections that could be played on a keyboard.

The Wood instrument section covers more traditional sounds, with the Face Bass providing some extravagant effects. These are achieved using a seismic microphone that captures the subtleties of sound inside the player’s mouth while he is playing. The real stars of the show, though, are the didgeribone loops, which sound like someone violently abusing the filter on an organic monster synth.

This is a very well recorded and unique sample pack, but we are reluctant to give it a very high score as it represents a fairly significant outlay and you might use it on only one or two tracks. However, if you need some organic-sounding, acid tweaking grooves, look no further.

Verdict: A specialist pack that explores the didgeridoo in ways you might never have thought possible…"

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