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'Technotrance' brings you all the classic synth & FX samples you need for producing Rave/Dance tracks. You'll get Classic Rave Synths, Special Rave FX, and Rave & Hardcore Basses. Experience the sheer power of these sounds - 'Only for the headstrong!'

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'Technotrance' brings you all the classic synth & FX samples you need for producing Rave/Dance tracks. You'll get Classic Rave Synths, Special Rave FX, and Rave & Hardcore Basses. Experience the sheer power of these sounds - 'Only for the headstrong!'


These are the sounds you always you wished you had, arranged in logical easy-to-find sets. If seriously squidgy sounds are your bag, then this classic collection could send you on a whole new trip: Rave synths, FX, Basses, Stabs and 'Tinklers', Thundering lead sounds and squidging acid lines are the order of the day along with useful 'alternative' bass sounds, pads and risers.


The cross-faded 'trancers' section is ideal for people who lack an analogue synth in their setup; the 'Top 20 Stabs and Hooks' will yield ideas for complete tracks; and the Moog Basses are invaluable. We've also included a selection of ethnic instruments and percussion perfect for those evocative tribal styles.


Here's a breakdown of the content...

1. Classic Rave Synths, Special Rave FX, and Rave & Hardcore Basses. Experience the sheer power of these sounds - 'Only for the headstrong!'

2. Progressive House hooks and Top Twenty Stabs - The sounds that stay in people's minds so that they'll be able to remember your track after first hearing it in a club, shop or on the radio - Strictly for the dancefloor!

3. Techno Synth FX+Chords / Techno Piano Chords. Weird and wonderful synth FX to add spice to your track!

4. Breakdown Pads. Choice of dreamy chords and single notes.

5. Cross-faded Trancers and Filtered Synths & Basses. Get some 'movement' into your tracks with these PROGRESSIVE sounds.

6. Acid Basses & Bubblers, along with Talking Basses. The language of Acid from A to Z and more.

7. Top-end Tinklers and Euro-style Synths. The sounds to give your mix that cutting edge - a good balance to the unconventional - very Trancey!

8. Analog Corner - Selection of old Wasp, Moog, ARP and Juno straight-off-the-wall Synth FX.

9. Shattering Sub Basses. Watch the speakers!

10. Classic House & Garage FX. Stab Piano, Organs & Sax and Garagey Organ Chords. Only the most essential!

11. Industrial FX. Assortment of 'Klings & Klangs'.

12. Ambient Atmospheres. Dreamscapes etc.

13. Ethnic Experiences. Progressive Percussion, Synths & FX. A touch of the exotic and very NOW.

14. Effected Drums. Reverberated Snares, Flanged Hats - NOT an old beatbox collection!

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Press Reviews

"This disc opens with 40 mono classic rave...

by Sound On Sound Magazine, UK

"This disc opens with 40 mono classic rave synth mini-riffs, each succeeded by a single hit. Noisy, buzzy, and from what I hear coming through the wall from my neighbour Marcus the ravebunny, relevant to the genre. Names like 'Scalextric', 'Hardorch' and 'Vectorize' give the game away. Next comes a slightly less routine palette of 16 more synths, this time with liberal pitch-bend applied. The 20 rave and hardcore basses that follow are similarly presented, first as a two-second riff, followed by a single for sampling.

Eighty stabs and hooks follow in a like manner. Here the riff is the same sequence applied to all sounds. Again, many are sequenced chords or octaves of grungy, low-tech sounding voices redolent of names like Casio, Kawai and Seiko. Once again, notwithstanding the over-use of the riff, the hits seem on target. Cross-faded trance filter sweeps use four samples each to enable velocity switching between four settings of the source instrument's resonant filter. Twenty sets mean 80 samples, excluding the obligatory riffs. Vector synthesis/Ensoniq grunge? Whatever the sources, again the domestic rave element should be satisfied.

The next section called 'acid tests' starts off with filtered basses. Next come 20 acid basses and 30 bubblers. At first I thought we were being treated to a 303 at last, but the sound was grainier and noisier than I would've expected. Other voices were obviously not from pure analogue sources, perhaps sampled analogue, since indefinitely detected some none-too-smooth tail-end looping. Next we are regaled with 10 piano chords, 10 more synth chords, and 20 techno synths and FX. Tinny pianos, waspy noises, mostly sounding like they've been through a 12-bit sampler.

The 20 breakdown pads that follow are also well dirty and harmonically simpler than the previous chords. Once again rather untidy looping was in evidence. Skimming through, there are top-end tinklers (that stop at 15K or lower!). Simple analogue synth tones and FX herald a new era of demo-riff-less samples. There are 20 unjustifiably noisy Moog bass tones, and 30 Juno classics (a 6 or 60 if I'm not mistaken). The Wasp is also featured 30 times. There are 10 sub-basses with bad loops, and 20 Euro tones with demo sequences. A house/garage set seems to be de rigeur for dance sampling CDs these days, and this is not one of the worst. The sax fares well, as does the multisampled (rare for this CD) trash piano. Ten organ chords pave the way for 25 typical atmos/filter sweeps and 20 short percussion FX.

Ethnic sounds include the shakuhachi, didgeridoo, and eastern flute cliches. The finger cymbals must be the worst looped sample on any sampling CD. That said, there's an unusually decent selection of ethnic percussion hits. The CD plays out with drums - lots of them, and a good, modern selection, carelessly engineered as usual. I like distortion, but not of the digital variety. Even the sine tone for level setting was clipped, with minor discrepancies occurring between the left and right waveforms.

Conclusion: mono is adhered to throughout the 1200 samples (including the riffs) on board, and yet I heard distortion breaking through occasionally, predominantly on the right output of the CD player. Possibly a CD or DAT mastering flaw? The whole lot sounds as though it was assembled on a Casio, early Emax sampler, or possibly S900. (No doubt MJ Dunne will put me right and insist it was carried out on an S1000). The collection exhibits a grungy texture which hi-fi buffs will find excruciating. However, the sounds are not aimed at them, and in the right hands such digital dirt will be appreciated. (I make a distinction here between the graininess you get from older samplers, which can add presence to a sound, and digital distortion, which is seldom other than horrible. Technotrance has the former in abundance. The latter is not totally absent, either.)

Younger dance music proponents tend to have low budget/low memory samplers, and most of these sounds give a good deal of sonic punch in seriously sub-second snippets. I could do without the sequences, but they will help budding samplists to hear what they can do with some well-chosen sounds. Top dance producers who can afford half a dozen choice synth engines will probably want to give Technotrance a miss, though even then they might find a missing link or two therein. In which case they should have the low-pass filters at the ready, or sample through a single-ended noise reduction unit. In short: good sounds, poor fidelity."

"I suffer from Sample CD-itis and I suspect I'm...

by Home & Studio Recording Magazine, UK

"I suffer from Sample CD-itis and I suspect I'm not alone. I put the CD in the tray, press 'Play' and then it happens. I hear one amazing sample, think of the difference it will make to my music and daydream about being a rock star for about ten minutes. Then I hear the next amazing sample, think of the difference it will make to my music...and so it goes on. After about an hour my head explodes with over-inspiration. I lie down and wake up a day later having forgotten all those incredible ideas.

After hearing Technotrance, Zero-G's rave/techno/ambient sample CD, I had a particularly bad bout. Inspirational it certainly is. And as well laid out as I was, too. It starts out with a collection of classic rave synths, those unmistakable dramatic leads that have opened up many a track in their time. You get a short sequence displaying a typical use, followed by the sound(s) (or dry hits) included in it. This is the format used throughout a lot of the CD; it's very useful but it's still tempting just to 'lift' the composite sequences in their intirety.

There follows a selection of special rave effects, most of which can be snatched and used well as sequences or percussive lines. There are also loads of fierce basses and dramatic ravey stabs before the CD makes a short hop to the Acid arena. Here, those bubbling, filtered acid swirls are widely represented, and there is a selection of individual FX with which to make up your own sonic trips if you aren't satisfied. The dancey, off-the-wall nature of the CD is maintained with a series of punchy, analogue lead synth phrases plus a few piano and pads. Once again, demo sequences are included to give style pointers.

A selection of 'classic' analogue synth samples, generated variously from an unnamed Moog, a Juno, a Wasp and an ARP Odyssey, offers some pretty piercing and often grating noises. These are ideal if you need a bit of filth on your digitally perfect recordings, especially the rasping Wasp samples. The hiss is noticeable on some, but considering the awkward nature of the sources, background noise is generally low. There's no such trouble with the rest of the rest of the CD, which is well recorded in mono. If you want to chill out, try the smaller section of ambient sounds for a bit of atmosphere to place behind your thumping beats. My only real gripe with this CD is that there isn't nearly enough of these - nor of the following industrial sounds and ethnic samples. But hey, you can't cram everything in and there are other dedicated sample CDs available for these kinds of sounds, anyway.

Concluding the CD is a range of percussive FX, including more ethnic thumps and some great effected drums to add a bit of meat to your percussion tracks. All in all, fans of the rave/dance genre will not be disappointed. Entire pieces can be built from scratch, and there's enough variety to avoid getting caught up in the production of cliched tat - unless you want to, that is. The vast range of squeals, howls, swirls and stabs should keep even the most dedicated technophile happy for weeks.

If you're new to the field, the sleevenotes and the showcase demos accompanying each section should enlighten you enough to get started. Even if you're not a rave merchant and techno's really not your scene, man, there's enough here to drag many an old and tired bit of music you may have lying around into this decade. For those like me who get Sample CD-itis, the obvious solution is to listen to one sample at a time and work with that. Trouble is, with a CD like this, you'll want to hear the whole damn lot - so my advice is to make sure you've got some Aspirin handy. I'm getting a headache just thinking about it."


by Music Technology, UK

"ACIDY - TECHNOY - HOUSEY - GARAGEY - ambienty-wicky-wicky. And plenty of it. If seriously squidgy sounds are your bag, then this sample CD could send you on a whole new trip. An overconfident assertion? We'll see. First, let's look through the round window at what Technotrance actually offers the average club nutter. Once your eyes have become accustomed to the, er, 'intensity' of the front cover of the inlay booklet (I've got a Macintosh art package and I'm not afraid to abuse it'), you can go on to discover the various groups of sounds, noises and effects that comprise Technotrance.

Rave synths, FX, Basses, Stabs and "Tinklers'(?) are just a few examples of the categories on offer here. Interestingly, each of the sounds on Technotrance is showcased in a short 'demo' before the raw sound itself appears - quite often, these demos are more immediately inspiring than the sounds themselves! You can of course sample either, which is useful - it gives a new dimension to synth-sound CDs. As for the sounds themselves... well, there are plenty of them , generally scoring high in the inspiration/quality/usability stakes. But in amongst them are some extremely dodgy rave riffs and silly noises - the sort of thing that went out of fashion two years ago. Thankfully, these are very much in the minority - thundering lead sounds and squidging acid lines being much more the order of the day along with a useful selection of 'alternative' bass sounds, pads and risers.

I particularly like the cross-faded 'trancers' section, ideal for people who lack an analogue synth in their setup; the 'Top 20 Stabs and Hooks' section yielded several ideas for complete tracks; and the Moog Basses, as ever, turn out to be invaluable. To round the whole thing off, Zero-G have included a smattering of ethnic instruments and percussion perfect for those evocative tribal styles currently getting people to their feet on the dance floors. Sounds such as those offered on Technotrance can, quite simply, add a whole new dimension to your musical efforts - or they make you sound like everyone else. This CD is full of sonic interest and potential, but like any other collection of samples it can't do your thinking for you. And that's the way it will be until someone finds a way of boxing talent and potential."

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