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The Big Reason

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The Big Reason

Zero-G The Big Reason features SEVEN Fantastic Sample Libraries Rolled into One! Over 6,500 samples and over 4GB of material, all for the price of one library.

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  • 4.27GB (Unzipped)
  • 6 min 18 sec @ 85Mbps
  • 8077 files / Royalty-Free

Product Information

Zero-G The Big Reason features SEVEN Fantastic Sample Libraries Rolled into One! Over 6,500 samples and over 4GB of material, all for the price of one library.


The Big Reason is a sample library packed full of loops, instruments, pads, effects and much, much more, all programmed for use with Propellerheads Reason (and other REX/WAV-compatible software) as REX2, NN-19, NN-XT, Re-Drum, Malstrom, Subtractor and WAV files.


Covering almost every contemporary music style including Dance, Funk, Urban, Ambient, Leftfield and Ethnic and with over 6500 samples to choose from you will always find something to stimulate your creativity.


..and because Zero-G don't want to upset any non-Reason users out there they have left all the files unpacked so anyone can access these wonderful samples and use them in their favourite software.


The seven new, exciting libraries in this package are:

Binary Finary


A dance music library from the dance maestros themselves.

Chemical Comedown


Pads, FX and soundscapes that create a journey into sound.

G-Funk Era


An awesome collection of dancefloor funk-ed up essentials

Guitar Lab


Electric & acoustic guitar licks, riffs, notes and chord patterns from a top sessionist.

Organic Chemistry


Other-worldly, exotic, unexplained, alien & avant-garde sounds.

Percolated Beats


Live drumloops from top urban music session drummer Richie Spaven.

Planet Bliss Loops


Over 700 brand new beats suitable for all kinds of dance music.

Contents include:

• 4.2GB of samples
• over 3300 Rex2 Files
• over 3300 WAV Files
• 520 NN-XT Patches
• 490 NN-19 Patches
• 57 ReDrum Kits
• 50 Malstrom Patches
• 47 Subtractor Patches


Note: This product should not be confused with Propellerheads' own products such as REASON itself. This is not a new Propellerheads product, it is a Zero-G product. Sorry to have to spell this out but apparently some people have been confused about this.


Large Download



As this product is so large, it has been divided up into 13 separate downloads. After purchase you will be directed to a page where you can download each of the 13 parts. The sizes of the zip files that you will download are as follows:

• Part 1: 377 Mb
• Part 2: 322 Mb
• Part 3: 258 Mb
• Part 4: 270 Mb
• Part 5: 326 Mb
• Part 6: 328 Mb
• Part 7: 226 Mb
• Part 8: 279 Mb
• Part 9: 388 Mb
• Part 10: 184 Mb
• Part 11: 420 Mb
• Part 12: 151 Mb
• Part 13: 479 Mb



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Press Reviews

Zero-G's The Big Reason certainly lives...

by Sound On Sound Magazine, UK

Zero-G's The Big Reason certainly lives up to its name: with well over 6000 individual samples, occupying 4GB of hard disk space, it certainly is big. This is somewhat less surprising when you realise that The Big Reason actually consists of seven individual libraries, all developed for Zero-G by different producers but sold as a single product. Interestingly, while the various instruments and loops are presented in formats suitable for use with NN19, NNXT, Malström, Subtractor and Dr:Rex (amongst others), they are not packed into Refills, so the samples themselves would be available to non-Reason users. That said, I ploughed through the considerable content via Reason v3.0.4 (armed with emergency supplies and a stiff drink). Here we go....

First up is Binary Finary, the bulk of which consists of instrument patches and REX2 drum loops. The instrument sounds include NNXT, Malström and Subtractor patches covering dance or techno style sounds. There is probably not anything radically new amongst this lot but there is plenty of material to get your teeth into and I particularly like the range of bass sounds: some simple and solid, others more extreme. However, things do get a little more interesting amongst the REX2 loops, including various mixtures of ethnic percussion and processed Nine Inch Nails-style drum loops, although there is also plenty of dance-orientated material: a rather eclectic mix but interesting and fun nevertheless.

Chemical Comedown provides 2GB of NN19 sampler patches organised into two types. The 'Pads & Themes' section provides a huge collection of evolving pads with some more obviously melodic timbres, while the 'Sound FX' section contains textures more akin to sound design. Like the pads, many of these are also evolving sounds and the atmosphere can get pretty creepy at times. I could easily imagine the material in this library getting used in a horror or sci-fi film score.

G-Funk Era provides a range of Subtractor, Malström, NNXT and NN19 patches that are similar in territory to those of Binary Finary. However, there are a few more melodic sounds, such as a small number of Subtractor-based electric pianos. However, the highlight of this library is the collection of REX2 files containing drums, guitar, bass, scratching and percussion. There is a funky, dance-orientated feel to much of the material (think Fat Boy Slim) with a dash of trip-hop thrown in for good measure. The collection also includes a number of 'mini' construction kits - that is, loops that are obviously intended to be easily put together to create a basic song section.

The Guitar Lab library provides an eclectic collection of guitar riffs and chord progressions in REX2 format. The styles cover blues, jazz, rock, funk, folk and a whole lot more. Both the playing and recording quality are very good, and if your guitar chops are not as strong as you might like there is plenty here to help out. While there are a few loops that are obviously related, this is not really a construction kit library and, in the main, I would think these loops might be most easily used to provide an instrumental 'hook' within a track - perhaps not something for everyday use, but well worth dipping into for the occasional bit of inspiration.

Organic Chemistry provides a rather left-field collection of electronica and exotic loops set up for use within Dr:Rex, NNXT and NN19. There is some really interesting material in this library, including some heavily-processed loops based upon ethnic instruments, such as bagpipes and kalimba. There are also plenty of processed drum patterns, using both acoustic and electronic kits. Again, there are lots of beats that would work in NIN-style pieces.

The final two libraries, Percolated Beats and Planet Bliss Loops, both provide collections of drum loops ranging in tempo from 70 to 170 bpm. Percolated Beats would suit R&B, hip-hop, funk, electronica and associated styles. The drums are mainly acoustic and the loops feature some nice, and occasionally quite intricate, playing. While some loops do feature processing, this is mostly a little room ambience and it is therefore very easy to mix and match the loops. Planet Bliss Loops is more directly aimed at dance styles (techno, electronica, hip-hop and R&B) and the sounds are more electronic in nature. In some cases EQ or filtering has been applied, but there are usually small groups of related loops with which to build a drum track. The playing may be a little less adventurous than Percolated Beats but there is still plenty of useful material.

Overall, The Big Reason is a little hard to classify. While the libraries are all useful in their own right, they do make a rather strange set of bedfellows in a single package. On the down side, none of these libraries is perhaps overly original and shouts out 'must have', and I'm tempted to speculate that this might be why Zero-G have bundled them together in this way. On the up side, at this price each library works out at just over £10 and they certainly represent excellent value for money. For those working in dance or electronica styles who want a shed-load of content without parting with a shed-load of money, The Big Reason is well worth considering. In summary, three stars for originality but five stars for value for money: that'll be a four then!

Big by name and big by nature, this is a...

by Computer Music Magazine, UK

Big by name and big by nature, this is a 4GB collection that contains seven different sample libraries. What's more, Zero-G claim that all of them are brand new. Rather than focus on one genre, The Big Reason covers quite a few musical bases and offers both synthetic and real sounds. There are patches for all the key Reason devices, while the fact that the content is unpacked means that you can install what you want, when you want. To be honest, it's hard to fault this collection. You won't use everything it offers, but you're likely to call on it time and time again. 9/10


by Remix Magazine, USA


Composed of seven brand-new sample libraries all rolled into the price of one typical ReFill, The Big Reason is about as close as you'll get to the ultimate electronic-music production toolkit. In an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord approach, the compilation spans many musical styles but always stays true to a strong urban/dance and ambient-electronic theme. With more than 4 GB and 6,500 samples, the libraries are categorized by Reason playback module and sound type. What's extra cool is that all the files are left unpacked, so anyone can use the raw samples in a DAW or looping program.

Binary Finary, the first of seven, is a trance treasure trove programmed by the UK dance maestros of the same name, who brought us the floor-filling hit “1998.” Featuring Malström and Subtractor patches, NN-XT bass, lead and pad sounds, ReDrum kits, REX2 loops and effects programs for RV700 and Scream, this was used extensively on Binary's recent comeback album. Percolated Beats and Planet Bliss Loops provide ample selection of inventive urban-crossover and exotic electro breaks from 70 to 170 bpm in REX2.

Chemical Comedown is a deeply trippy NN-19 excursion into experimental pads and sound design, while G-Funk Era and Guitar Lab lay down some infectious NN-19/XT/REX grooves and funky live guitar riffs, not to mention hundreds of dripping Malström and Subtractor bass and lead sounds.

Organic Chemistry provides dark and dissonant imagery through heavily processed and looped pipe, string and drone instruments, from decimated hurdy-gurdies to tribal whispers and bagpipes with a bad case of indigestion. All in all, The Big Reason is a fantastically deep reservoir of electro-acoustic beats, phrases and instruments.

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