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'eVolution' features unique creative loops, sequences and FX that are designed to add a futuristic electro or Club Techno edge to your music.

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  • 529.96MB (Unzipped)
  • 3 min 44 sec @ 16mbs
  • 941 files

Product Information

'eVolution' features unique creative loops, sequences and FX that are designed to add a futuristic electro or Club Techno edge to your music. 


'eVolution' features unique creative loops, sequences and FX generated by primitive raw sound generation machines, organic synthesis techniques, and sound manipulation software.

These sounds are designed to add a futuristic electro or Club Techno edge to your music - mix them in with your existing loops or create mind-blowing electro and club techno tracks!

Includes: Metaphysical Loops, Percussive Electronic Loops (90 - 150 BPM), Esoteric Sequences, and Single Sounds/FX.






Sound generators used include:

• Roland Jupiter 6
• Juno 106
• JD 800
• MKS-50
• MKS-70
• MC-202
• TB-303
• RE-201
• Vocoder SVC-350
• TR-808 and 909 Drums
• Siel Opera 6
• SC Pro One
• Clavia Nordlead II
• Korg WAVestation A/D
• Korg MS-10
• Oberheim Matrix 1000
• Waldorf MicroWAVe I, Pulse
• MAM VF-11
• MAM Filter RS 3
• Electroharmonix Pedals
• Hyperprism
• Opcode Filter
• Vocoder

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Press Reviews

This is another of those collections of weird...

by Sound On Sound Magazine, UK

This is another of those collections of weird sonic manglings aimed at the connoisseur of experimental dance music. Ostensibly aimed at techno, ambient and industrial, these sounds would be usable wherever way-out futuristic sound design was required. Metallic grindings, electronic squelches and robotic malfunctions are the mainstays of this collection, with an overall dark sci-fi feel.

There is heavy emphasis on analogue synthesis and effects, although abrasive granular-style textures also abound. I found the synth programming particularly good, as real effort had been put into creating the kind of movement and expression usually lacking in such libraries. Many of the sounds also had great bite, really tearing their way out of my speakers! Effects major on the distortion, but there's also some brutal flanging and phasing in places. Delay and reverb are mostly used fairly carefully, although nothing is free from abuse in this library!

The sounds are divided into four sections, corresponding to folders on the CD-ROM. Probably the most usable section if you're hoping to spice up an existing track is the Single Sounds, where you stand some chance of being able to find a one-shot blurp or zwee to fit. However, if you're starting from scratch then the Metaphysical Loops and Drum Loops are likely to be the first ports of call. Both these sections could provide the rhythmic basis for a track, but bpm values are unfortunately only given for the latter (90-150bpm). Finally, the Esoteric Sequences section contains extended sound collages which could be used on their own as sound effects beds, or else chopped up into a selection of extra one-shot samples in the vein of the Single Sounds.

I liked this collection a lot, especially for adding aggression to more 'vanilla' productions, but I suspect that entire tracks built out of these sounds might constitute a breach of the peace! If your idea of relaxation is stretching out on a bed of nails to the strains of Aphex Twin, then I'd guess that this library will float your boat, but for most people's tastes Evolution will be a bit like Ribena - best used in diluted form. However, given the keen UK pricing, you'll still be getting good value even if you only end up using it in a supporting role.

Rating: 4 stars. Review by: Mike Senior

The main premise behind this sample CD is that...

by Future Music Magazine, UK

The main premise behind this sample CD is that all the sounds originate from 'primitive' raw sound generation machines.... in other words, old analogue sources. Evolution is designed to add that raw edge to your electro and techno tracks offering loops, percussive loops, sequences and single sound effects.

Essentially this is a collection of synth nuggets that have been put into loose categories, but the ones that seem to be most usable are the single sound effects. These individual sounds can easily be created into some very interesting electronic drum and percussion kits that would be very at home on either a Squarepusher track or a white-knuckle techno track. There is the standard variety of straight kick drums with slight EQ and resonance variations. The snare sounds are the usual slightly uninspiring white noise generated sounds but there is no shortage of usable material on this CD.

The Metaphysic collection comprises over 200 loops that are pretty extreme but on the whole quite usable. Esoteric scenery is a little light on the ground offering only 33 files but on the plus side most of them offer two variations on each sample. While this initially looks like a bit of a con it does actually make sense as they are different albeit only marginally.

The drum loops construction is by far the biggest of the collections with 400 loops starting at 90bpm and rising up to 150bpm. This has all the standard as well as some far out percussive loops to match. Some loops are broken down offering the different elements separately within the loop.

On the whole this collection grew on me the more I listened and used the samples. Sometimes these sample CDs can seem a little unusable at first but I recommend delving in deep as there are some real gems to be found.

There are well over 900 samples on this...

by Computer Music Magazine, UK

There are well over 900 samples on this offering, which spans two CDs. The first is an audio disc, while the second contains all the samples presented in Acidised .wav format.

A host of vintage synths and creative effects have been put to good use in this collection - there are some really useful and atmospheric sounds contained within it. Some of the 'drumloops' are very bizarre. The samples are full and would sit well in a mix, although you're likely to find a few that you'll end up wondering how to use. An inspiring set, and definitely one for those who don't like to get their hands dirty with analogue synths.

Rated: 7 out of 10

"This is one heavy CD with some industrial...

by Knowledge Magazine, UK

"This is one heavy CD with some industrial overtones and a very futuristic sound. The production is crisp and the sounds and breaks have a wicked twisted edge. The makers have balanced quality breaks with an extra edge.

Again the format is one CD + one CD-R for easy import into your computer. There are basically four sections to this CD: the loops, metaphisic loops, scenary and sound FX. And trust me, each section has something for you! The loops are wicked with a healthy dose of techno and breakbeat, they range from around 99bpm up to 150bpm. Metaphysic loops are something different! They are basically warped and messed up sound loops and FX, but with a definite weird quality.

Scenary is like warped ambient pads, but very original sounding. And there are plenty of Sound FXs at the end, 300 in fact. The striking thing about this CD is the sound quality and the warped, mangled vibe. Check it out."

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