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Korg Karma: Native Tech 4-D Soundset


Korg Karma: Native Tech 4-D Soundset

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'Tech 4-D' has punchy dance and synth sounds using the power of Karma GE's. All fully karmalized and filled with 128 patches, and 128 combinations per disk. These are sounds that could only be made with the advanced Karma technology, programmed exclusively on and for the Korg Karma.


Tech 4-D features cutting and edgy synth hits, leads, stabs, motion-synths, fat basses, and tons of superb dance, techno, R&B and synth sounds and more.

The power of the Karma's GE's give you incredibly original, textured dance and synth sounds of all types, dynamic, modern sounds you can't find on any other synth.
Features: 128 All-New Programs, 128 Combinations & 1 Drum Kit! All fully GE'ed and Karmalized.

Pro-Rec has been the #1 supplier of synth sounds in the world for over 16 years. Buy these sounds with total confidence!

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Press Reviews

I loaded the first file: Dance. The first thing...


I loaded the first file: Dance. The first thing I noticed was that the sounds are great dance sounds but also excellent sounds for other kinds of music. Almost every sound gave me new inspiration to play famous songs or creating new songs. I found many fat lead sounds and basses. For producers who need dance-basses, strong leads and powerful sounds, this is the bank you need! I also listened to the combibank of this file and there is a perfect mix of the programs. In the lefthand part of the keyboard you have mostly the bass sounds and in the right are the lead sounds. Ideal for live playing.

My favorites:
A25 Bigg Sawws: This is a really big fat saw sound.
Sounds like the Van Halen Jump sound. Very usable for me in the band.
A36 PWM Leader: Wow more fat!
A63 Rock outs: Very cool Arp
A107 Basic Instinct: This must be a complex arp, sounds huge!

Techno: This is really another type of board, ..ehm.. I mean file! many zaps, pulse sounds, many arpeggiator sounds. I would call it somewhat an agressive bank with heavy techno! These sounds are for the people who want really alternative music. Sounds that can be tweaked in a way you've never heard before! People who this kind of music have an access virus, a nord lead, moss in this PCG file!

My favorites:
A08 Vaporizer Arp: I can already imagine this sound in a new song!
A89 Snapper keys: Interesting piano sound I've never heard before.
A108 Bright Keyers: Very fat cool sound

New age: Very beautiful bank. You find sweeps, pads, strings, piano sounds with an ambient feel. When you play this bank you get very relaxed. I like this one very much. Dreaming away playing the sounds on my Karma... Never thought I could turn my Karma from a hardcore dancemachine into a dreammachine! This is a wannahave, even if you don't play new age music. I think this pcg could also be used in film music! My favourites: almost all the sounds.

Film: I was very curious about this pcg file, because I always wanted to make filmmusic. Playing through the sounds I saw many films before me. Especially alien movies like the X-files, horror movies and mysteries with breathtaking fx. Also movie intro's and endings are great to create with this bank. It's all just a matter of taste, you need to listen to the sounds yourself.

All I can say is that I'm impressed of the quality of the sounds. A combination of all those sounds would make yours a new Korg Karma. If your into different kinds of music, you have the choice of many great options for your Karma. Highly recommended!

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