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Old School Flavours Vol 3: Superfunk

'Superfunk' is great for hip hop, acid jazz and also drum & bass styles, giving you the classic funk sound & feel of the early to mid 70’s.

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'Superfunk' is great for hip hop, acid jazz and also drum & bass styles, giving you the classic funk sound & feel of the early to mid 70’s.


Each of the four volumes in the Old School Flavours collection offers varying drum performances in song form produced with a retro feel for that authentic sound. On each volume, each of 9 vintage kits plays 5 authentic song patterns.

Each song performance is divided into 3 x 4 bars of groove, comprising of a main groove (chorus), a simpler version (verse), and an intro or breakdown, with each section ending with its own fill. These grooves are accurate in both playing style and the sound of the kits



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Press Reviews

"Tight funky drum loops are the order of the...

by The Mix Magazine

"Tight funky drum loops are the order of the day in this collection, unsurprisingly. The loops themselves are played on a total of nine different kits, and the variety is brilliant. From ambient reverberating timbres to close miked kits, these loops are suitable for a wide range of styles. Five patterns are played each at two different speeds 10 bpm apart, making them very flexible. The quality of production is first rate. The tempos are accurately indicated, and the loop points clear and easy to work with. Superfunk captures many of the beats that capture the ethos of seminal dance tracks from the 70's and 80's. There are three other titles in the Old School Flavours series: Rare Groovin', Vintage Soul, and Houseparty. If this taster of the series is anything to go by, they all deserve to sell by the bucketload.."

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