TSUNAMI TRACK SOUNDS is a Sound Design label that brings you talented Raw Recorded performance by various professional artists and producers that work in Major music scenes in Rock, Pop, Metal, Hip Hop and Electro genre, from Far East Japan.
We create 100% royalty-free unforgettable “RIFFS” that can start off your music to catch the listener's ears. The “Small Details” are the speciality of Japanese culture, which many musicians here are particular about.
Also, the culture triggers the artist's talent here to “MIX UP” various genres in the music. Most performances are “Mic Recorded” rather than just line, so tune in and mix your music with Live Sound!

Emo Trap Guitars

    'EMO Trap Guitars' by Tsunami Track Sounds is created by Kaichi Naito, a young uprising guitarist founded through S...

    $20.92 USD

    £14.95 GBP

    Raizin Metal Drums

      ... by Tsunami Track Sounds and Sion Horikawa includes fast, pounding, and complex beats for you to create not just...

      $27.92 USD

      £19.95 GBP

      Shinobi Guitars

        ... by Tsunami Track Sounds features Masahiko Yagi, known as the guitarist of Japan's Top selling JPOP group “GRE...

        $27.92 USD

        £19.95 GBP

        Upright Bass for DnB

          Recorded by Naoki Fujimoto, known as the bass player for the Electro Rock band “GARI” in Japan; Upright Bass fo...

          $27.92 USD

          £19.95 GBP

          Rock Drum N Bass

            ... by Tsunami Track Sounds is proudly created by Japan's Rock Band The Game Shop from Osaka. The Game Shop have re...

            $41.91 USD

            £29.95 GBP