The new label Resonance Sound is managed by the award-winning sound design companies Sounds Of Revolution (SOR) and CFA-Sound.

Oliver Schmitt (SOR) and Martin Breuhahn (CFA) came together to combine their knowledge for creating the most up-to-date sample packs, soundsets and virtual instruments. Besides that starting from now also their own labels will be distributed by Resonance Sound.

Already for years it's been their passion to explore all kinds of electronic dance music. If you feel just the same and need sonic quality without any compromises - this is the place to keep on your radar!

SOR: Melodic Techno Bundle

    Welcome to the mighty 'Melodic Techno Bundle' by Sounds of Revolution (SOR). This massive collection will lift your...

    Price $42.88 USD

    £31.63 GBP

    SOR: Shhh I Am Speaking 3

      Everyone knows that moment: a gently whispering female voice causing serious goosebumps. Every producer knows: addi...

      Price $30.45 USD

      £22.46 GBP

      Soniqe Sound: Deep Tech Essence

        'Deep Tech Essence' by Soniqe Sound is a sample pack influenced by the current Deep Tech scene, ranging from its mo...

        Price $30.45 USD

        £22.46 GBP

        Synthmorph: Repro1 Electron

          Synthmorph has announced the release of Repro1 Electron. It is not just a preset pack, but an innovative toolset th...

          Price $29.32 USD

          £21.63 GBP

          SOR: Dynamic Particles

            Aiming at Techno and related genres, but being certainly only limited by creativity, the unique SOR style and spiri...

            Price $34.96 USD

            £25.79 GBP

            Dark Techno

              Get your torches, Resonance Sound is about to go dark! Following the tradition of numerous Resonance Sounds ready-t...

              Price $24.79 USD

              £18.29 GBP

              RS: Soulful Vocals 2 by Kasha

                'Soulful Vocals 2 by Kasha' by Resonance Sound is there for you, delivering the highly anticipated product. This sa...

                Price $30.45 USD

                £22.46 GBP

                MONOCOC: Techno Therapy

                  MONOCOC has been inspiring with his dark and driving Techno sound since 2012. With his first sample pack 'Techno Th...

                  Price $30.45 USD

                  £22.46 GBP

                  SOR: Hats & Tops Bundle

                    ... by Resonance Sound presents a no-brainer discount of more than 60% OFF to a single purchase! This collection co...

                    Price $21.41 USD

                    £15.79 GBP

                    RS: Future Bass MIDI Weapons 3.0

                      Buckle up, start your engines and take aim: Resonance Sound returns with all-new heavy weaponry to conquer and dest...

                      Price $14.63 USD

                      £10.79 GBP

                      Music4Aliens: Minimal & Techno V1

                        Music4Aliens Samples launches the first edition of the Minimal Techno exclusively distributed through Resonance Sou...

                        Price $20.28 USD

                        £14.96 GBP

                        SOR: Melodic Techno 3

                          ... is for all producers who love to tinker with all-new and fresh sounds for Techno, Minimal, Electronic, Deep & D...

                          Price $50.78 USD

                          £37.46 GBP

                          Aiyn Zahev: DUNE 3 Spice Bundle

                            Get ready for a huge expansion, 3 banks with over 270 sounds, all in one place with over 20% discount compared to t...

                            Price $53.05 USD

                            £39.13 GBP

                            RS: Soulful Vocals by Kasha

                              Attention vocal lovers, this treat is only for you! Resonance Sound just landed 'Soulful Vocals Vol 1', a vocal pac...

                              Price $30.45 USD

                              £22.46 GBP

                              RS: Techno Maschinen

                                Resonance Sound proudly presents 'Techno Maschinen', a massive drum kit arsenal by Marco Scherer/DATACULT. 'Techno...

                                Price $34.96 USD

                                £25.79 GBP

                                AIyn Zahev: Spice Vol 3 for DUNE 3

                                  The latest Spice soundbank by Aiyn Zahev Sounds is here, this time making it's way onto the DUNE 3 Engine. 'Spice V...

                                  Price $25.93 USD

                                  £19.13 GBP

                                  SOR: Melodic Techno 2

                                    'Melodic Techno 2' is a true gem for all producers who love to tinker with all-new sounds for Techno, Minimal, Elec...

                                    Price $50.78 USD

                                    £37.46 GBP