'Octapak 6: Indie Dance' contains a collection of sample packs and programs which have been put t...

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... by MIDI Masterz is a fresh Pop and Dance Kit to keep the clubs crowded and the dancefloors packe...

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... from Jamvana is perfect if you are looking to make a spooky release or custom track for your Halloween event, then this pack is for you.

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... brings together the last three volumes of this huge hit-making series from Producer Loops, bring...

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... from Equinox Sounds features five chart-ready and EDM inspired Pop Construction Kits featuring a...

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... brings you 200 bass drum samples sorted into 130 clubby kicks and 70 sub-kicks. All samples have...

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... is a Tour de Dance of retrospective minimalist synths and vintage electronic drums, iconic melod...

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