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Trance Euphoria is proud to release 'Behemothic Trance Extreme Edition' featuring a whopping 140 out...

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Trance Euphoria is proud to release 'Psytrance City Insane Edition' featuring a whopping 109 outstan...

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'Brainwashed Techno 3' by Dark Magic Samples features another 20 superb Mini Techno Construction Kit...

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'Psytrance Destiny 3 Special Edition' by Trance Euphoria features another 30 outstanding Psytrance C...

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We are proud to present our latest full size library called „ONYX“. Featuring the sound of dark...

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Introducing "Cobalt" our brand new melodic techno preset pack for U-he Diva, the perfect collection...

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We have recently loved the new Melodic Techno sound, and it's time to bring it into your productions...

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Presented by Master of Dreams, this pack contains a myriad of drum, bass, and melodic loops for all...

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We are excited to present to you our latest Full Size Library called „CALYPSO“....

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Mystic Places is an 100 patches soundset for DIVA made with the DUAL VCO and the Digital Envelopes w...

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'Prog Rock Bundle' for DIVA synth contains 300 vintage sounding presets focused on Progressive Rock...

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Datacode is proud to present FOCUS: Diva Melodic Techno an absolute powerhouse preset bank for the h...

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D-Fused Sounds are proud to release "Polyedrik", a multi genre soundset for Diva that offers analog,...

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D-Fused Sounds is proud to release "Sold Out:Presets Bundle 2021", a gigantic collection of over 180...

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'Melodic Techno Caprice' by True Samples features an outstanding selection of modern Melodic Techno...

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'Psytrance Revenge' by Elevated Trance is inspired by top Psytrance artists and festivals, bringing...

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'Marula Music - Plavalaguna' by Black Octopus Sound is a collection of 110 presets for U-He Diva....

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Dive into the hypnotic world of melodic House and Techno with the 'APEX-1 Diva Presets' collection b...

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'Uncharted: FL Studio Project' by Prototype Samples is a fresh duplet of Future House and Future Tra...

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'Apology: FL Studio Project' by Prototype Samples is an experimental Future House & Progressive Hous...

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'Future House' by TD Audio offers Construction Kits, loops, one-shots, and Presets geared up for Mod...

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'DIVA Chomolungma' is the first soundset by Synthmorph for u-he DIVA with 70 carefully crafted prese...

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