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Laid-back N Groovy

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5 Pin Media

Laid-back N Groovy

It's time to kick back once again and soak up the infectious rhythms of 'Laid-back 'N Groovy' courtesy of Richard Raymond II and 5Pin Media.

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Product Information

It's time to kick back once again and soak up the infectious rhythms of 'Laid-back 'N Groovy' courtesy of Richard Raymond II and 5Pin Media.

Richard Raymond II is a producer and multi-instrumentalist from Chicago, IL and on his second outing for 5Pin Media, he serves up a sublimely recorded set of live drums, congas and bass guitar at 70bpm, 80bpm, 90bpm, 100bpm, 110bpm and 120bpm inspired by the likes of Khruangbin, Goat, Fela Kuti and Herbie Hancock. Producers of all styles will find this an absolute gold mine of quality sounds.   

'Laid Back 'N Groovy' features 76 full live drum loops, 36 conga loops, 24 shaker loops, 76 bass guitar loops, 57 music loops (as featured in the demo track), 187 acoustic drum kit one-shots, 20 found sound percussion one-shots, 18 conga one-shots, 21 bass guitar articulations/foley and 1330 bass guitar round-robin multi-samples, all tracked in a 1200 sq ft (365 sq m) live room in the suburbs of Chicago.

The drum sounds were captured with omni-directional overhead microphones (placed in an XY configuration), a Telefunken M80 on the snare, an Electro-Voice RE20 on the kick, and closed mic'd toms. The results are warm, groovy and roomy!

LBG has sounds from three different drum kits:

1. 3-Piece 1968 Ludwig Black Diamond Pearl ('20in, '16in, '12in)

This Ludwig kit was fitted with Evans Calftone drumheads to enhance it's vintage flavor.

2. 4-Piece Red Oyster Sonar Vintage Series ('20in, '16in, '14in, '12in)

This lovely-sounding Sonar has one rack and two floor toms that sing and ring exceptionally well.

3. 3-Piece Antique Brown Tama Silverstar ('22in, '16in, '12in)

This Tama sports a 22' in kick drum with an Aquarian modern vintage II batter head for some extra deep knock.

The LP Aspire Sunburst Congas were recorded with a Blue Spark large diaphragm condenser, for a tight and detailed sound.

There were two basses recorded and multi-sampled, both recorded DI through the JHS Colourbox pre-amp for some analog warmth and pinch of breakup:

1. 1970's Fender Jazz Bass

This bass has a lot of weight to it, which helps it sing and sustain

2. Short-Scale Fender Rascal Bass

This bass is strung with tape wound strings for some extra thump.

Product Details:

• 76 Full Acoustic Drum
• 76 Bass Guitar
• 57 Music
• 36 Conga
• 24 Shaker
• 50 Acoustic Kicks
• 47 Acoustic Snares
• 46 Acoustic Toms
• 18 Congas
• 20 Cymbals
• 24 Hi-hats
• 20 Found Sound Perc
• 21 Bass Guitar Expressions
• 1330 Bass Multi-Samples (Fender Jazz & Fender Rascal)
• 5 Bass Guitar Patches
• 75 Kick Drum
• 20 Bass Guitar
• 1 Live 10 Project
• 5 Bass Instruments (with Macros)
• Please Note: Requires Live 10.1.30+ for Ableton Live

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