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Hitzone 4: Complete Bundle

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Bunker 8 Digital Labs

Hitzone 4: Complete Bundle

Bunker 8 Presents 'Hitzone 4 Complete Bundle'. This collection features the ENTIRE Hitzone 4 collection. You will get over 8GB of PREMIUM hit making content. There are 31 Construction Kits, literally thousands of possible hits. All immaculately recorded.

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  • 6.73GB (Unzipped)
  • 46 min 32 sec @ 16mbs
  • 2271 files

Product Information

Bunker 8 Presents 'Hitzone 4: Complete Bundle'. After countless awards, number one smash recordings and the accolades of thousands of users, Bunker 8 is making the latest Hitzone release available EXCLUSIVELY as a digital download. This is THE product that has launched the careers of countless numbers of top tier producers.


For the first time, you will get instant access to all the grooves, loops, instruments and vibes that have been at the heart of those radio hits heard the world over. The Hitzone collection has been at the forefront of the RNB/Pop/Top 40 production scene for over a decade. By far, this is the MOST requested product Bunker 8 Digital Labs produces and normally sells for over twice the price. This is a serious take no prisoners collection that will energize you productions in a way that you would never think possible.

This collection features the ENTIRE Hitzone 4 collection. You will get over 8GB of PREMIUM hit making content. There are 31 Construction Kits, literally thousands of possible hits. All immaculately recorded. You will be laying down those blazingly sick grooves in no time. Basses, live/programmed beats, acoustic and electric pianos, guitars, blistering snares, killer kicks, shaky synths, you name it, this collection delivers.


• 8.01GB of Files
• 500 Acid Loops
• 500 Apple Loops
• 250 Single Hits and Samples
• 7 Battery 2 Kits
• 7 Kontakt 2 Kits
• 7 DS404 Kits
• 7 EMU kits
• 7 Gigasampler Kits
• 7 Halion Kits
• 7 Sampletank Kits
• 7 Soundfont Kits
• 7 Wusikstation Kits

About the Construction Kits:

All 31 Construction Kits have been carefully edited and sample edited so that each loop is completely seamless and will perform flawlessly on any DAW/development you happen to choose. Bunker 8 have been developing sample content for over 18 years, they have provided industry leading content to the best producers, soundtrack composers, video game audio specialists and composers in the industry. Each kit contains a full sample mix, an instruments only mix, a drum mix, plus all of the elements separated and set out for you to mix and match until the groove sits tight. .

Bunker 8 uses proprietary sample looping technology so that each cycle of either format seams perfectly throughout your jams. That means you can stretch these loops really far with limited or no digital artifacts.

Greatest Quality Assured:

These are made by the same world famous producers who brought you "Hitzone 1,2,3", "Hybridizer 1, 2, 3," "101 Below," etc. It’s like having Sigmund Droid and Ruptured Surround Sound right with you at the controls.

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